Spartacus: Arenanın İlahları

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Spartacus: Arenanın İlahları
Spartaküs Arenanın İlahları afişi.jpg
Dizi afişi.
Tür Tarihsel drama
Mini dizi
Proje tasarımcısı Steven S. DeKnight
Geliştiren Allanah Milne
Yönetmen Steven S. DeKnight
Başrol Dustin Clare
Lucy Lawless
John Hannah
Peter Mensah
Manu Bennett
Besteci Joseph Loduca
Ülke  ABD
Dili İngilizce
Sezon sayısı 1
Bölüm sayısı 6
Yapımcı Steven S. DeKnight
Mekân Auckland, Yeni Zelanda
Gösterim süresi 50 dakika
Yayın bilgileri
Kanal Starz
Yayın tarihi 21 Ocak 2011 - 25 Şubat 2011
Durumu Sonlandı.
İlişkili programlar Spartacus: Kan ve Kum
Spartacus: İntikam

Spartacus: Arenanın İlahları (Özgün adı: Spartacus: Gods of the Arena), Starz kanalınca hazırlanan bir mini dizi ve Spartacus: Kan ve Kum'un önbölümüdür. İlk bölümü 21 Ocak 2011 tarihinde yayınlanmıştır.[1] Dizi, Capua Şampiyonu olan Gannicus isimli gladyatörü konu edinmiştir. Oyuncu kadrosunda orijinal seriden Lucy Lawless Lucretia'yı, John Hannah Batiatus'u, Peter Mensah Oenomaus'ı ve Manu Bennett ise Crixus'ı canlandırmıştır.

25 Şubat 2011'de sonlanan mini dizi IGN tarafından olumlu eleştirilerle karşılaşmış, final bölümü ise 9.5/10 puan alarak "Olağanüstü" olarak nitelendirilmiştir.

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Spartacus: Kan ve Kum'un ikinci sezon çekimleri sürerken başrol oyuncusu Andy Whitfield'da Hodgkin-dışı lenfoma tespit edilmiş, dizinin ikinci sezon çekimlerinin uzayacağı görülünce de Gods of the Arena'nın çekilmesi gündeme gelmiştir. Dizinin yaratıcısı ve yapımcısı Steven S. DeKnight, Gods of the Arena'nın altı bölümlük bir mini dizi olacağını ve Ludus'un geçmişini işleyeceğini belirtmiştir.[4] Dizinin çekimleri Ağustos 2010'da Yeni Zelanda'da başlamıştır.[1][5]

Bu mini dizinin şimdiye kadar yayınlanacağı açıklanan kanallar arasında ABD'den Starz ayrıca Kanada'dan da Movie Central ile The Movie Network vardır.[6]

Bölümler[değiştir | kaynağı değiştir]

# Başlık Yönetmen Senarist Orijinal yayın tarihi ABD izleyicisi
1"Past Transgressions"Jesse WarnSteven S. DeKnight21 Ocak 2011 (2011-01-21)1,10[7]
Opening a few years before the arrival of Spartacus, Batiatus finds himself in control of his father's ludus, while his father is away living in semi-retirement. Seeking to make a name for himself beyond the ludus, Batiatus selects his most skilled gladiator, Gannicus the Celt, to win favor of nobleman, Solonius, in order to be a part of the opening games in the new Capua arena. And thus, the story of the Celt warrior Gannicus, the original champion of the House of Batiatus begins. The origins of the Gaul, Crixus are also explored. Batiatus overpays for the Gaul slave, Crixus, seeing that the Gaul has potential to be a great gladiator. At the same time, Batiatus faces the local crime lord Tullius and his teenage hechman Vettius, the owner of a rival ludus, and learns that he isn't yet in their league. Meanwhile, Lucretia welcomes the sudden return to Capua of Gaia, an old friend. Gaia is something of a wild child widow who likes to party, have lots of sex (with both men and women), and takes opium. Lucretia seems ready to go along. The introdution of veteran gladiator Oenomaus and his slave wife Melitta, as well as Syrian slave recruits Ashur and Dagan also occur.
2"Missio"Rick JacobsonMaurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon28 Ocak 2011 (2011-01-28)1,14[8]
A week has passed since he received a severe beating at the hands of Tullius' men and Batiatus has now recovered sufficiently. Tullius sends him a message to the effect that he acted hastily by saying 'no' to his offer to purchase Gannicus, and offers a compromise. Batiatus is in no mood to compromise however and plans his own revenge. Batiatus succeeds in securing the position of primus for his man Gannicus in Vettius' upcoming games through an elaborate scheme: Quintillius Varis comes to Capua to select gladiators for his games and Gaia, who knows him, plots to have him come to Batiatus' house where Batiatus will seemingly go to any length to impress Varis but his blind enthusiasm does not sit well with the men. Meanwhile, Oenomaus is challenged by Doctore, killing him and receiving the Başlık of the new Doctore. Gannicus and Melitta are ordered to have sex with each other for Quintilius Varis' entertainment, leaving both of them deeply and emotionally troubled.
3"Paterfamilias"Michael HurstAaron Helbing & Todd Helbing4 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-04)1,26[9]
Batiatus is pleased with himself having arranged for Gannicus to appear in the primus of Quintillius Varis' games. He is not however prepared for the sudden return of his estranged father, Titus, who arrives home to find his son cavorting in a threesome with Gaia and Lecretia. He treats his son with disdain and has heard of the mess he's made of things with Tullius. Titus laughs when he hears that Gannicus will represent the house in the games and sets out to undo everything the younger Batiatus schemed to arrange by placing the inexperienced Crixus in where Gannicus was to fight. Auctus, on the other hand, gets killed by Crixus in an intense battle. Meanwhile, things are run amuck when Oenomaus feels he does not deserve his new position as Doctore. While father and son are away, Varis returns to the Batiatus home with a friend, Cossutius, expecting to again experience the pleasures of his previous visit.
4"Beneath the Mask"Brendan MaherSeamus Kevin Fahey & Misha Green11 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-11)1,11[10]
The power struggle between the younger and the elder Batiatus shakes the roots of their house and sees alliances formed and loyalties divided. Batiatus is having more than just a bit of difficulty accepting his father's ongoing - and seemingly permanent - presence at home. The patriarch refuses to take on the powerful Tullius and continually tells his son to learn his place to respect and fear the crime lord. When Gaia sees someone she had once met in Rome, she introduces him to Lucretia and he immediately comments on what he has heard about the pleasures available at her home. Gaia again sees an opportunity to make gains for the House of Batiatus but the elder Batiatus would never allow such revelry in their so they convince him to leave for day or two. Lucretia sides with her husband albeit reluctantly in performing a risky plan while Gannicus finds himself on unstable ground.
5"Reckoning"John FawcettBrent Fletcher18 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-18)1,38[11]
Gaia's death strengthens Quintus Batiatus' resolve to get revenge against Tullius. Titus announces a tournament to determine the worth of the men that make up his stable of gladiators. Crixus, dedicated to proving himself, is drawn into the power play within the house. In responding to his father's ultimatum that he choose between his home and his wife, Batiatus attempts to gain time is not appreciated by Lucretia who believes she would have him leave. He convinces her otherwise and she pushes him to settle on his course while she has her own plan. Lucretia also has her own solution to her husband's desire for a son. Meanwhile, Melitta and Gannicus increasingly lust after one another. Gannicus finds a solution to their situation but fate presents a different outcome. Titus is finally killed by poisoned wine given to him by Lucretia, but unfortunately so is Melitta.
6"The Bitter End"Rick JacobsonSteven S. DeKnight25 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-25)1,72[12]
Batiatus seeks vengeance against Tullius for all that has befallen him, including the death of his father. Gannicus pushes Batiatus to complete his sale to Tullius so that he may seek revenge for the House of Batiatus by killing Tullius himself, but Solonius counsels caution and a more sensible, if final, solution. Solonius protects his own position as well, however. the opening of the new Capua arena promises a spectacle of combat and blood. Meanwhile, Naevia replaces Melitta as the personal slave to Lucretia who promises her that no man will ever touch her as happened to Diona, who makes an unexpected return after her capture. After winning the final fight of the opening ceremony, Gannicus receives his freedom and departs the ludus, but not before entrusting its future to Crixus whom is declared the new champion of Capua.

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