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Koordinatlar: 52°28′59″K 1°53′37″B / 52.48306°K 1.89361°B / 52.48306; -1.89361
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Quick guide

Quick "how to"
To add 57°18′22.5″K 4°27′32.7″B / 57.306250°K 4.459083°B / 57.306250; -4.459083 to the top of an article, use

These coordinates are in degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc.

To add 44°06′43″N 87°54′47″W / 44.112°K 87.913°B / 44.112; -87.913 to the top of an article, use either



These coordinates are in decimal degrees.

  • Degrees, minutes and seconds must be separated by a pipe ("|").
  • Map datum should be WGS84.
  • Avoid excessive precision (0.0001° is <11 m, 1′′ is <31 m).
  • Latitude (N/S) must appear before longitude (E/W).
Optional coordinate parameters follow the longitude and are separated by an underscore ("_"):

Other optional parameters are separated by a pipe ("|"):

  • display
    display=inline (the default) to display in the body of the article only,
    display=title to display in the title only, or
    display=inline,title to display in both places.
  • name
    name=X to label the place on maps (default is PAGENAME)

Thus: {{Koordinat|44.117|-87.913|dim:30_region:US-WI_type:event

|display=inline,title|name=accident site}}


This template, {{coord}}, produces a link to a list of map sources, based on the geographical coordinates and other parameters, and provides a standardized notation for, and user-customisable display of, the coordinates.

The template is for WGS84 geographical coordinates (latitude;longitude) on Earth, which can be entered in either decimal notation, or degrees/minutes/seconds parameters, with the appropriate precision. (For non-terrestrial coordinates, see Other globes; for celestial coordinates, use {{Sky}}.)

It links to https://tools.wmflabs.org/geohack/geohack.php?pagename=%C5%9Eablon:Koordinat&params=, then displays the coordinates. Clicking the blue globe activates the WikiMiniAtlas (needs Javascript).

The template outputs data in:

  • Degree/minutes/seconds ("DMS", precision is degrees, or degrees/minutes, or degrees/minutes/seconds, based on input).
  • Decimal (precision by number of decimal places, based on input)
  • Geo microformat.

{{coord}} is used by tools which parse the raw Wikipedia database dumps, such as Google Earth. To ensure that the coordinates are parsed correctly by them, display=title must be used. See How do I get my Wikipedia article to show up in the Google Earth Geographic Web layer?. The template must not be modified without prior discussion.

For articles which have no coordinates, but need them, use {{Koordinatlar eksik}}. If the subject's location is unknown or disputed, use {{coord unknown}}.


{{coord|latitude|longitude|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{coord|dd|N/S|dd|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{coord|dd|mm|N/S|dd|mm|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}
{{coord|dd|mm|ss|N/S|dd|mm|ss|E/W|coordinate parameters|template parameters}}

There are two kinds of parameters, all optional:

  • Coordinate parameters are parameters that {{Coord}} passes to the map server. These have the format parameter:value and separated from each other by the underscore character ( _ ). The supported coordinate parameters are dim:, globe:, region:, scale:, source:, and type:. See coordinate parameters for details and examples.
  • Template parameters are parameters used by the {{Coord}} template. These have format parameter=value and are separated from each other by the pipe character ( | ). The supported template parameters are display=, name= and format=.
  • display= can be one of the following:
  • display=inline - Display the coordinate inline (default)
  • display=title - Display the coordinate near the article title (replaces {{coor title dms}} family), shortcut: display=t
  • display=inline,title - Display the coordinate both inline and at title (replaces {{coor at dms}} family)
Note: the title attribute indicates that the coordinates apply to the entire article, and not just one of (perhaps many) places mentioned in it — so it should only be omitted in the latter case. display=title,inline works also. Shortcut: display=it
  • format= can be used to force dec or dms coordinate display.
  • format=dec reformats the coordinates to decimal degrees format.
  • format=dms reformats the coordinates to degrees | minutes | seconds format.
  • name= can be used to annotate inline coordinates for display in map services such as the WikiMiniAtlas. If omitted, the article title (PAGENAME) is assumed.
Note: a name= parameter causes {{Coord}} to emit an hCard microformat using that name, even if used within an existing hCard. Do not use when the name is that of a person (e.g for a gravesite), as the generated hCard would be invalid. Also, do not use square brackets in names.


{{Koordinat|43.651234|-79.383333}} 43°39′04″N 79°23′00″W / 43.651234°K 79.383333°B / 43.651234; -79.383333 Toronto - Fully decimal - N & W
{{Koordinat|43.65|-79.38}} 43°39′N 79°23′W / 43.65°K 79.38°B / 43.65; -79.38 Toronto - less precise
{{Koordinat|43.6500|-79.3800}} 43°39′00″N 79°22′48″W / 43.6500°K 79.3800°B / 43.6500; -79.3800 Toronto - medium precision with trailing zeroes
{{Koordinat|43.651234|N|79.383333|W}} 43°39′04″N 79°23′00″W / 43.651234°K 79.383333°B / 43.651234; -79.383333 Toronto - decimal with Northing & Westing
{{Koordinat|43|29|N|79|23|W}} 43°29′K 79°23′B / 43.483°K 79.383°B / 43.483; -79.383 Toronto - degrees & minutes
{{Koordinat|43|29|4|N|79|23|0|W}} 43°29′4″K 79°23′0″B / 43.48444°K 79.38333°B / 43.48444; -79.38333 Toronto - degrees, minutes & seconds
{{Koordinat|43|29|4.5|N|79|23|0.5|W}} 43°29′4.5″K 79°23′0.5″B / 43.484583°K 79.383472°B / 43.484583; -79.383472 Toronto - degrees, minutes, seconds & fractions of seconds
{{Koordinat|55.752222|N|37.615556|E}} 55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222°K 37.615556°D / 55.752222; 37.615556 Moscow - N & E
{{Koordinat|55.752222|N|37.615556|E|format=dms}} 55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222°K 37.615556°D / 55.752222; 37.615556 Convert to dms format
{{Koordinat|39.098095|-94.587307|format=dms}} 39°05′53″N 94°35′14″W / 39.098095°K 94.587307°B / 39.098095; -94.587307 Decimal conversion without N/S/E/W
{{Koordinat|55.752222|N|37.615556|E|​format=dec|name=Moscow}} 55°45′08″N 37°36′56″E / 55.752222°K 37.615556°D / 55.752222; 37.615556 (Moscow) Convert to decimal and label on some maps
{{Koordinat|33|55|S|18|25|E}} 33°55′G 18°25′D / 33.917°G 18.417°D / -33.917; 18.417 Cape Town - S & E
{{Koordinat|35|00|N|105|00|E}} 35°00′K 105°00′D / 35.000°K 105.000°D / 35.000; 105.000 People's Republic of China
{{Koordinat|22|54|30|S|43|14|37|W}} 22°54′30″G 43°14′37″B / 22.90833°G 43.24361°B / -22.90833; -43.24361 Rio - S & W
{{Koordinat|22|S|43|W}} 22°G 43°B / 22°G 43°B / -22; -43 A degree confluence.
{{Koordinat|52|28|59|N|1|53|37|W|​display=inline,title|region:GB_type:city}} 52°28′59″K 1°53′37″B / 52.48306°K 1.89361°B / 52.48306; -1.89361 Birmingham - with display and parameter settings; note display also in title of this page.

Coordinate parameters

The first unnamed parameter following the longitude is an optional string of coordinate parameters, separated by underscores. These parameters help GeoHack select suitable map resources, and they will become more important when Wikimaps becomes fully functional.




The scale: parameter specifies the desired map scale as 1:N, overriding the scales implied by any dim: and type: parameters.

GeoHack uses scale: to select a map scale for a 72 dpi computer monitor. If no dim:, type:, or scale: parameters are provided, GeoHack uses its default scale of 1:300,000.

Subject Scale Markup Result
Big Ben 1:500 {{Koordinat|51.500611|N|0.124611|W|scale:500}} 51°30′02″N 0°07′29″W / 51.500611°K 0.124611°B / 51.500611; -0.124611
Westminster Sarayı 1:5,000 {{Koordinat|51.5006|N|0.1246|W|scale:5000}} 51°30′02″N 0°07′29″W / 51.5006°K 0.1246°B / 51.5006; -0.1246
Westminster 1:50,000 {{Koordinat|51.501|N|0.125|W|scale:50000}} 51°30′04″N 0°07′30″W / 51.501°K 0.125°B / 51.501; -0.125
Greater London 1:500,000 {{Koordinat|51.50|N|0.12|W|scale:500000}} 51°30′N 0°07′W / 51.50°K 0.12°B / 51.50; -0.12

The dim: parameter defines the diameter (in meters) of a viewing circle centered on the coordinate. GeoHack uses dim: to select a map scale such that the viewing circle appears roughly 10 cm in diameter on a 72 dpi computer monitor.

If scale: is set, it overrides any dim: setting.

Subject D Markup Result
Western Hemisphere 10000000 {{Koordinat|0|N|90|W|dim:10000000}} 0°K 90°B / 0°K 90°B / 0; -90
Ohio 400000 {{Koordinat|40.5|-82.5|dim:400000}} 40°30′N 82°30′W / 40.5°K 82.5°B / 40.5; -82.5
Dresden 20000 {{Koordinat|51.033|13.73|dim:20000}} 51°01′59″N 13°43′48″E / 51.033°K 13.73°D / 51.033; 13.73
Statue of Liberty 100 {{Koordinat|40.6892|-74.0445|dim:100}} 40°41′21″N 74°02′40″W / 40.6892°K 74.0445°B / 40.6892; -74.0445
Mill Ends Park 0.61 {{Koordinat|45.516194|-122.673226|dim:0.6}} 45°30′58″N 122°40′24″W / 45.516194°K 122.673226°B / 45.516194; -122.673226

The region: parameter specifies the political region for terrestrial coordinates. It is used to select appropriate map resources. If no region: parameter is provided, Geohack attempts to determine the region from the coordinates.

The region should be supplied as either a two character ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code or an ISO 3166-2 region code. For example:

In addition, two user-assigned code elements can used with {{coord}}:

  • XZ for objects in/above international waters (similar to UN/LOCODE)
  • ZZ for use in samples
Focus region R Markup Result
Switzerland CH {{Koordinat|46.9524|N|7.4396|E|region:CH}} 46°57′09″N 7°26′23″E / 46.9524°K 7.4396°D / 46.9524; 7.4396
Berlin, Germany DE-BE {{Koordinat|52.5164|N|13.3775|E|region:DE-BE}} 52°30′59″N 13°22′39″E / 52.5164°K 13.3775°D / 52.5164; 13.3775

The globe: parameter indicates the planet or natural satellite upon which the coordinates reside. Apart from earth (the default), legal values include: moon, mars, venus, mercury, ganymede, and titan.

Subject G Markup Result
Kittu Crater ganymede {{Koordinat|0.4|N|334.6|W|globe:ganymede}} 0°24′N 334°36′W / 0.4°K 334.6°B / 0.4; -334.6
Viking 2 lander mars {{Koordinat|48.269|N|225.990|W|globe:mars}} 48°16′08″N 225°59′24″W / 48.269°K 225.990°B / 48.269; -225.990
Mozart Crater mercury {{Koordinat|8|N|190.5|W|globe:mercury}} 8°00′N 190°30′W / 8°K 190.5°B / 8; -190.5
Apollo 11 lander moon {{Koordinat|0|40|26.69|N|23|28|22.69|E|globe:moon}} 0°40′26.69″K 23°28′22.69″D / 0.6740806°K 23.4729694°D / 0.6740806; 23.4729694
Ksa Crater titan {{Koordinat|14.0|N|65.4|W|globe:titan}} 14°00′N 65°24′W / 14.0°K 65.4°B / 14.0; -65.4
Venera 13 lander venus {{Koordinat|7.5|S|303|E|globe:venus}} 7°30′S 303°00′E / 7.5°G 303°D / -7.5; 303

For globes other than Earth, {{coord}} does not assume a specific reference system (in contrast with Earth's WGS84). Only limited mapping is available for the Moon and Mars and none for other extraterrestrial bodies. For celestial coordinates, use {{Sky}} instead.




To always display coordinates as DMS values, add this to your common.css:

.geo-default { display: inline }
.geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: none }
.geo-dms { display: inline }

To always display coordinates as decimal values, add this to your common.css:

.geo-default { display: inline }
.geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: inline }
.geo-dms { display: none }

To display coordinates in both formats, add this to your common.css:

.geo-default { display: inline }
.geo-nondefault { display: inline }
.geo-dec { display: inline }
.geo-dms { display: inline }
.geo-multi-punct { display: inline }

If CSS is disabled, or you have an old copy of MediaWiki:Common.css cached, you will see both formats. (You can either clear your cache or manually refresh this URL: [1].)

To disable display of the blue globe adjacent to coordinates, add this to your common.js:

var wma_settings = {enabled:false}

Note that this will disable WikiMiniAtlas.

Incorrect uses and maintenance category

The template has some input checks built in. Most errors display a bold, red message inline and categorize the article in the hidden maintenance category Coord template needing repair. There are currently 0 pages in that category. See the category description for more information.

A daily report of coordinates needing repair is at tools:~dispenser/view/File viewer#log:coord-enwiki.log.

See also: WT:GEO#To do


See Template:Coord/doc/internals and Category:Coord template.


Şablon:Coord/sub doc

Coordinates in PDF

For generating PDF, printed books, and Open Office export format, two templates are substituted for the regular templates:

Samples are available at:

Class names

The class names geo, latitude and longitude are used to generate the microformat and MUST NOT be changed.