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Requesting small help

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Hello many greetings,

Requesting your proactive contribution and support in updating en:Draft:Aurats (word) in relation to the languages you know well.

Thanks and warm regards

Bookku (mesaj) 02.26, 12 Temmuz 2020 (UTC)Yanıtla

Contributions by บุญพฤทธิ์ ทวนทัย

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User:บุญพฤทธิ์ ทวนทัย is a contributor based at the Thai Wikipedia who has created machine translations of articles and spammed them over a wide range of Wikipedia languages, including here. While the subjects of the articles he has created are (mostly) notable, the mistake of creating articles in languages he does not understand has led to extremely bad quality, probably at the level of unintelligibility. Unless local editors are willing to start a clean-up effort, I suggest that his contributions be deleted. Someone who knows the language can later write proper articles about the subjects. --Paul 012 (mesaj) 09.46, 11 Kasım 2020 (UTC)Yanıtla

Thanks Paul. They mostly create articles on Thai singers for which only a very short definition (e.g. "is a Thai singer") is being offered, so there is no quality issue with those, maybe except for a peculiar addition of "Guam-born" to some of them even if the person in question was not actually born in Guam. So I'd urge บุญพฤทธิ์ ทวนทัย to refrain from doing that. There was only one article with a slightly longer definition, and I've fixed the issue there, so we are all good.
Vito Genovese 11.16, 11 Kasım 2020 (UTC)Yanıtla

Flagged Revisions discussion at Meta

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Hello Turkish Wikipedia! There is currently a discussion about a proposal for flagged revisions for this language version of Wikipedia at Flagged revisions should display latest versions. All community members from this wiki are welcome to join. Voltairacus (mesaj) 08.32, 9 Aralık 2020 (UTC)Yanıtla

Cross Wikipedia promotion and sock puppets for Prix Versailles

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An investigation has found that articles on Prix Versailles Versailles Ödülü and related subjects were the subject of a coordinated campaign of promotion, over several years and sixteen languages, involving numerous sock puppets and probably paid editing. Ten active and six older accounts were identified. Related subjects include Purple economy Mor ekonomi. If you have any questions or comments please reply here or post them at the Cross-Wikipedia section of the en Wikipedia discussion.


@Elmacenderesi, Uncitoyen, Vincent Vega Bir göz atabilir misiniz? ‒ToprakM  21.36, 6 Ağustos 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
Takip ediyorum @ToprakM, bilgilendirme için teşekkürler. e.c. 08.59, 9 Ağustos 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
e.c. Have you had a chance to look at the articles on Prix Versailles and Purple economy? Sock puppets created articles on Prix Versailles on sixteen Wikipedias, of which eight have been deleted so far. The sock puppets active on tr Wikipedia were MARdF and Idoumou33. (Prix Versailles ve Mor ekonomi ile ilgili makalelere bakma şansınız oldu mu? Çorap kuklaları, şimdiye kadar sekiz tanesi silinmiş olan on altı Wikipedia'da Prix Versailles hakkında makaleler yarattı. Wikipedia'da aktif olan çorap kuklaları MARdF ve Idoumou33 idi.) TSventon (mesaj) 09.36, 6 Eylül 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

Ayşegül Coşkun

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Hello. I recently made an article for a Turkish actress and singer named en:Ayşegül Coşkun on the English Wikipedia. It would be superb if you translate that article into Turkish or write it from scratch yourself. Thanks 4nn1l2 (mesaj) 10.32, 23 Ekim 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

I started to translate. Agaafd (mesaj) 13.40, 13 Şubat 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla
Teşekkür ederim. 4nn1l2 (mesaj) 23.01, 13 Şubat 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla

American townships

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Hi, I'm linking to Wikidata about 250 wp:tr articles about american townships but I have noticed some problems. It seems some turkish stubs take data about the elevation above sea level and claim this is the population. Eg : De Luz, Kaliforniya / en:De Luz, California or Andrade, Kaliforniya / en:Andrade, California. Most, if not all, of these articles have been created by user:Praça de Maio. Could a Turkish wp contributor have a look on that ?

Louperivois (mesaj) 15.26, 2 Nisan 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla

@Louperivois thanks for letting us know. @Daniel·lèsim could u check these articles for this issue? --anerka'ya söyleyin 17.37, 2 Nisan 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla
Hi Louperivois, I echo the thanks. After two weeks, it seems that exactly nothing has been done—not even to the articles you've listed as examples—to fix this problem, all the while the user in question has kept on creating more stubs. I'm pinging Daniel·lèsim once again, and will leave a note on their talk. I'll also leave a message at the administrators' noticeboard so admins are also aware of this situation. This, along with many other warnings posted on their talk, is sort of an indication that their creations are becoming disruptive. ~StyyxEvet? 13.24, 16 Nisan 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla
@Styyx, entering the wrong population data for two townships out of 20,000 settlements is considered disruptive editing now? Both Andrade, Kaliforniya and De Luz, Kaliforniya have been corrected. Thank you for pointing out the mistakes, @Louperivois! I have gone through all the other California townships and have only found one entry that diverges from the Wikidata entry – but that's because the Wikidata entry lists number of households and not population.--Daniel·lèsim (mesaj) 20.34, 16 Nisan 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla
You are severely underestimating the problem here. This isn't limited to just the two articles, see my comment on AN, where I listed six more articles using the elevation as population, despite only checking 15 articles at maximum. This definitely is something disruptive. ~StyyxEvet? 20.39, 16 Nisan 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla

Lahmacun in Ottoman

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Hello. I want to know how lahmacun used to be written in Ottoman Turkish. Please note that I'm not looking for its current Arabic equivalent (I already know that), but the exact way it used to be written during the Ottoman empire. In general, how can I find the historic Ottoman forms of Turkish words? Is there a dictionary or tool or ...? Thanks 4nn1l2 (mesaj) 01.33, 6 Haziran 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla

4nn1l2 Was lahmacun even a thing back then? "Until the mid-20th century, lahmacun was not known in Istanbul." There are some websites which claim to translate into Ottoman Turkish ([1], [2], [3], [4]), but they don't seem quite reliable, and I don't get anything close to useful when searching "lahmacun". ~StyyxEvet? 15.29, 22 Haziran 2022 (UTC)Yanıtla

Lo-Fi Kızı

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Can't the main focus of the Lo-Fi Kızı article be shifted to the "Lofi Girl" YouTube channel itself, and the article be moved to Lofi Girl? JSH-alive (mesaj) 05.19, 21 Nisan 2023 (UTC)Yanıtla

Known vandal on rowiki

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Don't hesitate to block this individual and delete their pages on the spot, as soon as they re-appear under different names. It's a known vandal on Romanian Wikipedia (wanna know what the phrase on Kullanıcı:Daebalosdaernobagher means in Romanian? check the source code in my message here). Their contributions are not worth reviewing, just nuke them. @Kralayolverin HaythamKenwai I'm pinging you as you've been trying to reach out to one of the accounts. @Kun Kipcsak NGC 54 pinging you to give a heads up about vandal's activity spilling over to other wikis (Wikidata, trwiki, cebwiki, azwiki, rowiktionary, etc.) Cheers! Gikü (mesaj) 10.48, 9 Haziran 2023 (UTC)Yanıtla

Hello Gikü. NGC 54 already reported one of the accounts on the administrators noticeboard last month, and from there other accounts have been blocked as well. It has its own CheckUser investigation page by now and several admins and patrollers here are aware of the issue. Should you find a new account that we missed, it's better if you report it to the admins noticeboard (the embassy here isn't really active and certainly not watched by admins). Thanks. ~StyyxEvet? 13.26, 9 Haziran 2023 (UTC)Yanıtla

An article to be deleted

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Hi. I just wanted to tell you that the article Mehdi Mirza Mehdi Tehrani is already deleted in some languages of Wikipedia, including Persian (where it's originated from) and English, because it doesn't meet the notability. I put the link to the debate for its deletion on EnWiki. Darknessswamp8 (mesaj) 09.09, 16 Ağustos 2023 (UTC)Yanıtla