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    Python bvot in windows[kaynağı değiştir]

    Hi. Are you using your bot in Wİndows? If so, how? I'm having trouble using UTF-8 in windows console. Are you using another console program?--Khutuckmsj 20:12, 10 Mart 2012 (UTC)

    yes run it in windows. i use this encoder--عباس 20:27, 10 Mart 2012 (UTC)

    sorry. do you know how run a bot in CMD?--عباس 20:29, 10 Mart 2012 (UTC)

    Yes I know to use bots on CMD, but it keeps giving error messages. I was using Linux for my bots, it was much faster and error-free. I'm checking the decoder.--Khutuckmsj 20:43, 10 Mart 2012 (UTC)

    what's the error message. let me know what happend.--عباس 20:46, 10 Mart 2012 (UTC)

    ElphiBot 2[kaynağı değiştir]

    Hi dear friend.why no one approves this request. if there is not intend to approve it i cancel the request. --عباس 20:08, 28 Mart 2012 (UTC)

    Hi. Don't be afraid, it'll be approved soon i suppose. We do not have many active bureucrats.--Khutuckmsj 21:01, 28 Mart 2012 (UTC)
    As per our bot policy, we need more votes for the discussion to be closed. Would you prefer to wait for some more time and help ensure your bot functions properly on Turkish Wikipedia? Thanks. --Superyetkinileti 15:42, 4 Nisan 2012 (UTC)

    ElphiBot[kaynağı değiştir]

    Hello there. Could you please adjust your bot to operate on articles on the main namespace only? It is malfunctioning on talk pages. Here is an example. Thanks and regards. --Superyetkinileti 20:12, 14 Nisan 2012 (UTC)

    hi. ok i'll do it.--عباس 19:55, 15 Nisan 2012 (UTC)