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İngiliz bilim-kurgu dizisi Doctor Who'nun bölümlerin yönetmenlerinin listesi.

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  • Joe Ahearne - Dalek, Father's Day, Boom Town & Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways.

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  • Christopher Barry - The Daleks [1, 2, 4 & 5], The Rescue, The Romans, The Savages, The Power of the Daleks, The Daemons, The Mutants, Robot, The Brain of Morbius & The Creature from the Pit
  • Morris Barry - The Moonbase, The Tomb of the Cybermen & The Dominators
  • Rodney Bennett - The Ark in Space, The Sontaran Experiment & The Masque of Mandragora
  • Paul Bernard - Day of the Daleks, The Time Monster & Frontier in Space
  • Lovett Bickford - The Leisure Hive
  • John Black The Keeper of Traken & Four to Doomsday
  • Farren Blackburn - The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe
  • Darrol Blake - The Stones of Blood
  • Gerald Blake - The Abominable Snowmen & The Invasion of Time
  • Keith Boak - Rose & Aliens of London/World War Three
  • Michael E. Briant Colony in Space, The Sea Devils, The Green Death, Death to the Daleks, Revenge of the Cybermen & The Robots of Death
  • Alan Bromly - The Time Warrior & Nightmare of Eden

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  • Douglas Camfield - Planet of Giants, The Crusade, The Time Meddler, The Daleks' Master Plan, The Web of Fear, The Invasion, Inferno, Terror of the Zygons & The Seeds of Doom
  • Jonny Campbell - The Vampires of Venice & Vincent and the Doctor
  • Richard Clark - Gridlock, The Lazarus Experiment, The Doctor's Wife & Night Terrors
  • Chris Clough - Terror of the Vervoids, The Ultimate Foe, Delta and the Bannermen, Dragonfire, The Happiness Patrol & Silver Nemesis
  • Timothy Combe - The Silurians & The Mind of Evil
  • Frank Cox - The Edge of Destruction & The Sensorites
  • John Crockett - The Aztecs
  • Fiona Cumming - Castrovalva, Snakedance, Enlightenment & Planet of Fire

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  • Ron Jones - Timeflight, Arc of Infinity, Frontios, Vengeance on Varos, Mindwarp (Zamanlordu Bölümleri Denemeleri 5-8)
  • Paul Joyce - Warriors' Gate

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