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The order of the offices is based on the official scheme: http://www.government.ru/content/executivepowerservices/ obtained on 16.01.2008.

Names were (before they were edited — many still need further comparison) partly taken from the article Government of Russia and others, and also some from bodies' websites that have English versions. There is also an English scheme at http://www.usrbc.org/goverment/russian_government/russian_government_structure/.

Please note the multiplicity in spelling for many of the offices. Seek for different versions and set redirects to existing articles from alternate spellings.

Please make links to articles by actual name of an article, not by a spelling variation which redirects to different name — that makes current article be bold in template, for convenient navigation.

But please make titles for links understandable — i. e. "Agency on press and mass communications", not "Rospechat"; "Service of supervision in sphere of mass communications, communication and protection of a cultural heritage", not "Rossvyazokhrankultura".

The current (16.01.2008) setup is based on Presidential Decree №1359, 11 Oct 2007 г., when Rosgranitsa was added. The rest is according to Zubkov configuration of 24 Sep 2007 г., decree №1274.