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This template can be used as a wrapper to simplify the inclusion of an image in a template, where users may use several different forms of syntax.

It is primarily of use in templates and should not be used in articles directly.

Usage[kaynağı değiştir]

  • {{Image | Example.svg | 20px}} →
  • {{Image | File:Example.svg | 20px}} →
  • {{Image | :File:Example.svg | 20px}} →
  • {{Image | [[Dosya:Example.svg|30px]] | 20px}} →

Note that additional parameters are (deliberately) ignored if full image syntax is passed in the first parameter. You can pass up to five parameters directly otherwise:

  • {{Image | Example.svg | 20px | thumb | none | Foo}} →

You can also pass arbitrary parameters accepted by the Image syntax if you separate them with {{!}}. You may need to number them explicitly if they contain an equals sign "=":

  • {{Image | Example.svg | 2= 20px{{!}}link=Ana Sayfa}} →

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