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Translation[kaynağı değiştir]

The worst ever translation I have encountered on the net so far. I am quite sure that a mechanical translator was used and the result was never reviewed by a native Turkish speaker.

The mechanical translators might be a good solution for many languages but when it comes to Turkish, as my experience, they fail in a major way. Not only in grammar but also the words are translated with different meanings which are not correct and the result becomes mostly kind of an ununderstandable text..

Because I have not used Wikipedia in Turkish at all I have not encountered this before. A little check around Wikipedia Turkish pages reviewed that if the topic is started, written and updated by the native speakers the contents are correct. I will try to spend some time to check if there are more translations like this laying around.

Senocak (mesaj) 22:11, 5 Ocak 2013 (UTC)