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{{kısaltma}} is an abbreviation template. It works similarly to the HTML <abbr> or <acronym> tags.

Kullanımı[kaynağı değiştir]

{{Kısaltma}} takes two unnamed parameters, in order:

  1. The short form, which shows as text on the page.
  2. The long form, which the short form is an abbreviation for.

Many web browsers[hangileri?] show the long form as a tooltip when a user hovers over the text. However, this behavior is not guaranteed and should not be relied on.

There is an option for a third parameter: adding "unicode" (or "u") applies {{unicode}} to the text of parameter 1. This may resolve rendering issues with browsers which do not apply the proper font to the text. Other fonts/languages may be added to the code as needed. If the third parameter is not defined, it will be ignored.

Example with two parameters[kaynağı değiştir]

 |Mean Sea Level Pressure

appears as MSLP. When hovering over the text, something like Mean Sea Level Pressure appears as a tooltip in many (but not all) browsers. Popular screen readers, used by visually impaired readers, display the long form in a different way.

Example with three parameters[kaynağı değiştir]

 |pȅći • пе̏ћи
 |to say

appears as pȅći • пе̏ћи. Compare pȅći • пе̏ћи without the Unicode formatting.

Accessibility concerns[kaynağı değiştir]

This template is intended for use with abbreviations; it is not intended to be a tool for generating tooltips. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines contain guidelines for using the <abbr> element generated by this template; see section H28: Providing definitions for abbreviations by using the abbr and acronym elements.

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