Şablon:Ülke telefon planı bilgi kutusu

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Şablon belgelemesi[gör] [değiştir] [geçmiş] [temizle]
Ülke [[{{{country_link}}}|{{{country}}}]]
Kıta [[{{{continent}}}'daki telefon numaraları|{{{continent}}}]]
Regülatör {{{regulator}}}
Üyelik {{{plan_membership}}}
Tip {{{plan_type}}}
NSN uzunluğu {{{nsn_length}}}
Tipik biçim {{{number_format}}}
Numaralandırma planı {{{plan_link}}}
Son güncellenme {{{plan_date}}}
Erişim kodları
Ülke telefon kodu {{{country_calling_code}}}
Uluslararası arama öneki {{{international_prefix}}}
Gövde öneki {{{trunk_prefix}}}
[[{{{codes_list}}}|{{{country}}} telefon kodları listesi]]

This template collects some data about the telephone numbering plan of a country or region.

Usage[kaynağı değiştir]

Boş söz dizimi[kaynağı değiştir]

Türkçe[kaynağı değiştir]

{{Ülke telefon planı bilgi kutusu
 | ülke                =
 | ülke_link           =
 | kıta                =
 | harita_resmi        =
 | harita_altyazı      =
 | harita_boyutu       =
 | harita_açıklama     =
 | regülatör           =
 | plan_üyelik         =
 | plan_tipi           =
 | nsn_uzunluğu        =
 | numara_biçimi       =
 | plan_link           =
 | plan_tarih          =
 | ülke_telefon_kodu   =
 | uluslararası_önek   =
 | gövde_öneki         =
 | kod_listesi         =

İngilizce[kaynağı değiştir]

{{Infobox country telephone plan
 | country              =
 | country_link         =
 | continent            =
 | map_image            =
 | map_caption          =
 | map_size             =
 | map_alt              =
 | regulator            =
 | plan_membership      =
 | plan_type            =
 | nsn_length           =
 | number_format        =
 | plan_link            =
 | plan_date            =
 | country_calling_code =
 | international_prefix =
 | trunk_prefix         =
 | codes_list           =

Parameters[kaynağı değiştir]

Required parameters[kaynağı değiştir]

For this template to function properly, all of the parameters in this section must be specified.

  • country: Name of the country. Appears in the title of the infobox, and is also shown with the label Country. Do not wikilink this parameter – use country_link to specify a link destination instead.
  • country_link: Name of the Wikipedia article about the country. Set this to none to remove the link.
  • continent: Name of the continent that contains the country. This is shown with the label Continent, and is automatically linked to the article titled "Telephone numbers in continent".

Access codes[kaynağı değiştir]

At least one of these parameters should be set. Ideally, all should be set.

  • country_calling_code: The country code for calls to the country. Include the leading '+' in this parameter.
  • international_prefix: The prefix that must be dialed in the country for international calls.
  • trunk_prefix: The national trunk prefix that must be dialed to reach a non-local domestic number.

Other parameters[kaynağı değiştir]

At least one of these parameters should be set.

  • regulator: Name of the organisation that regulates the country's dial plan. Can be a wikilink.
  • plan_membership: If the numbering plan is part of a larger numbering plan (e.g. the North American Numbering Plan), give the name of that numbering plan here. Can be a wikilink.
  • nsn_length: National Significant Number length. This is the number of digits in a long-distance telephone number, including the area code but not counting the trunk prefix.
  • plan_type: Telephone numbering plan types are either open or closed.
  • number_format: An example of how a typical phone number for this country is written, with digits replaced by placeholder letters.
  • codes_list: Title of an article with a list of area codes for this country. Leave this parameter blank if the area codes are in the same article as the infobox.

Map[kaynağı değiştir]

These parameters can be safely omitted or left blank if no map is available.

  • map_image: Name of a file that shows a map of the country and the surrounding area. Ideally, the country should be highlighted in some way on the map. Do not include the File: prefix, and do not use square brackets around the name.
  • map_caption: Caption shown beneath the map. For example, "Location of Gnomeland (dark green)".
  • map_size: Size at which the map is displayed. Does not normally need to be specified. See Wikipedia:Picture tutorial#Thumbnail sizes for details of values that are valid here.
  • map_alt: Alternate text for readers that cannot view the map (e.g. blind users).