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'Spartaküs is an American historical epic series created by Steven S. DeKnight, who serves as an executive producer alongside Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. The series tells the story of a Thracian warrior who leads a rebellion against the Roman Republic. Initially the warrior, whose name is not given, agrees to fight alongside the Roman army to help defeat barbarians from a rival tribe, but he returns home to defend his village when a Roman general decides to abandon the warrior's village and ignore the barbarians to pursue glory elsewhere. Captured by the Romans as a deserter, his wife forced into slavery, the warrior is taken to Capua to be put to death by gladiators before the public. Here the warrior proves his worth as a fighter and is sent to the House of Batiatus to be trained as a gladiator, earning the name Spartacus (Batiatus names him after a 'legendary Thracian king').[1] The series premiered on the Starz Network on January 22, 2010.

For the first season, the role of Spartacus was played by Andy Whitfield, who was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma at the completion of the first season.[2] Although in June 2010 Whitfield was reported to be healthy and cancer free,[3] in September his cancer returned[4] and he died on 11 September 2011.[5] Australian actor Liam McIntyre took over the role of Spartacus.[6]

Şablon:As of, 21 episodes of Spartacus have aired.

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Sezon galası Sezon finali Kuzey Amerika Birleşik Krallık Avustralya
1 13 22 Ocak 2010 (2010-01-22) 16 Nisan 2010 (2010-04-16) 21 Eylül 2010 (2010-09-21) 23 Mayıs 2011 (2011-05-23) 1 Aralık 2010 (2010-12-01)
Ö 6 21 Ocak 2011 (2011-01-21) 25 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-25) 13 Eylül 2011 (2011-09-13) 3 Ekim 2011 (2011-10-03) 31 Ağustos 2011 (2011-08-31)
2 10[7] 27 Ocak 2012 (2012-01-27) 30 Mart 2012 (2012-03-30)[7] Bilinmiyor Bilinmiyor Bilinmiyor

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1. sezon: Kan ve Kum (2010)[değiştir | kaynağı değiştir]

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ABD izleyicisi
1 1 "The Red Serpent" Rick Jacobson Steven S. DeKnight 22 Ocak 2010 (2010-01-22) SPS101 0,66[8]
In the series premiere, in 73 B.C., a Thracian warrior and his fellow fighters align themselves with Rome to protect their homeland. But disenchantment with the Romans soon sets in when their allies' battle strategies leave their villages unprotected from barbarian invaders. The warrior leads a rebellion and deserts the Roman army to return to his village and his wife. Invaders attack and he and his wife escape, only to be captured by the Romans. The warrior's wife, Sura, is forced into slavery and he and the other deserters are taken to the arena in Capua to publicly be put to death by gladiators, whereupon he proves his worth and is given the name Spartacus
2 2 "Sacramentum Gladiatorum" Rick Jacobson Steven S. DeKnight 29 Ocak 2010 (2010-01-29) SPS102 0,77[8]
Enslaved warrior Spartacus enters the ludus (training camp for gladiators) of Batiatus to receive training to fight as a gladiator. He quickly makes an enemy of the champion of Capua, Crixus, and receives training by the whip-wielding taskmaster Doctore. He meets Varro, a fellow recruit, who becomes his ally in training. Spartacus's owner, the crafty Lentulus Batiatus, makes him an offer he finds difficult to refuse. Spartacus faces the test which determines whether he is fit to be a gladiator and bests Crixus through the use of a small ribbon of cloth belonging to his wife when Crixus stops fighting to gloat. Spartacus swears to the oath of the brotherhood of the gladiator. 
3 3 "Legends" Grady Hall Brent Fletcher 5 Şubat 2010 (2010-02-05) SPS103 0,86[8]
As the gladiators prep for an important competition that will be the highlight of a festival, Spartacus cleverly maneuvers to secure the right to battle Crixus, the unbeaten champion of Capua, in the main event. Despite Lucretia's objections, Batiatus reminds her that Spartacus' bravery and previous exploits have "struck a chord with the public's interest." Meanwhile, Crixus is desired by a number of noblewomen, but he is enamored of one of Lucretia's slaves (Naevia). 
4 4 "The Thing in the Pit" Jesse Warn Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing 12 Şubat 2010 (2010-02-12) SPS104 0,66[8]
Spartacus' disgrace at surrendering to Crixus in the Capua arena leads Batiatus to punish him by forcing the Thracian to fight in the "pits of the underworld," a hellish, vicious subterranean arena where anything goes. Meanwhile, when the slave girl Naevia rejects Crixus' gift, he misunderstands the reason for her refusal and engages in a sexual relationship with Batiatus wife Lucretia. 
5 5 "Shadow Games" Michael Hurst Miranda Kwok 19 Şubat 2010 (2010-02-19) SPS105 0,85[8]
As the summer drought continues in and around Capua, bitter enemies Spartacus, still recovering from his stint in the Pits, and Crixus are charged with learning to fight as a team in order to take on an unbeaten champion, a giant named Theokoles, in the arena. Doctore is charged with preparing the two men for the fight of their lives but receives little co-operation from either man. Spartacus tries to find common ground with his archenemy at the behest of Batiatus but Crixus remains stalwartly opposed toward any allegiance. Meanwhile, Naevia and Crixus grow closer but must keep their feelings for themselves for fear of discovery. Varro and Spartacus' friendship deepens. Elsewhere, the financially strapped Batiatus recruits Barca and Ashur as he continues his own investigation to the attempt on his life in the Pits and learns that someone close to Magistrate Calavius is involved. 
6 6 "Delicate Things" Rick Jacobson Tracy Bellomo & Andrew Chambliss 26 Şubat 2010 (2010-02-26) SPS106 1,08[8]
Lies, distrust and duplicity plague the house of Batiatus and impact the hopes of both Barca and Spartacus, who have benefited from good fortune and envision a future away from the grounds. Barca expects to buy his and his gay lover, Pietros, way out, while Spartacus anticipates his promised reunion with his enslaved wife, Sura, as part of his reward for a monumental victory in the arena. Crixus is barely alive after a near fatal fight with Theokales. Spartacus tries on new armor and meets the magistrate and his son, Numerius, who is completely entranced with the 'Savior of Capua' where Spartacus invites the Magistrate to the ludus and when the latter accepts. Meanwhile, Batiatus continues to stay one step ahead of the local investigation into the mass murder of Ovidius and his family, while Ashur plots his own agenda to remove Barca after he overhears him talking to Pietros about buying his freedom. Spartacus uses some of his winnings to buy wine and women for his gladiator brothers, but his motives aren't completely selfless: Spartacus plans to escape with Sura. At the end, Batiatus does keep his word of retrieving Sura, but her reunion with Spartacus is short lived. 
7 7 "Great and Unfortunate Things" Jesse Warn Brent Fletcher & Steven S. DeKnight 5 Mart 2010 (2010-03-05) SPS107 0,97[8]
A distraught Spartacus has to find new meaning after his world is changed by the death of his wife and finds it in the arena. In the absence of Barca, Pietros struggles without a protector in the ludus and the attentions of Gnaeus. Meanwhile, Varro is visited by his wife and receives unwelcome news that crushes his hopes. Spartacus faces the truth about those left behind when they leave through speaking with Pietros. After a tragedy occurs when Pietros hangs himself, Spartacus faces off with Gnaeus and earns Batiatus's displeasure. Also, Doctore seeks the truth behind Barca's sudden departure from the ludus. 
8 8 "Mark of the Brotherhood" Rowan Woods Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing 12 Mart 2010 (2010-03-12) SPS108 0,88[8]
As Spartacus continues to embrace his new standing as the current champion of Capua, the former champion, Crixus, finally recovers from his wounds and struggles to return to training to protect himself from being sold by Batiatus because he is suspected of being too damaged to be the fighter that he once was. Meanwhile, the ludus acquires six new recruits that begin training, and Ilithyia finances one, Segovax, of the six new recruits with her own coin. Impulsively, she makes promises of freedom to her personal champion-in-training in exchange for an act he must carry out: kill Spartacus. Segovax is stopped by Crixus. Segovax is discovered in an attempt to carry out this act, he finds himself emasculated and crucified as punishment. Crixus and Spartacus find the meaning of brotherhood with one another, but still do not become friends. 
9 9 "Whore" Michael Hurst Daniel Knauf 19 Mart 2010 (2010-03-19) SPS109 1,11[8]
Licinia, a rich noble woman and cousin of Marcus Crassus, the senator, asks Lucretia to taste the wares of ludus, i.e. have a masked encounter with Spartacus. Lucretia, having a mind that Spartacus would not satisfy the needs of "a noble Roman woman", prods a female servant named Mira to prepare him for his encounter with Licinia. Ilithyia, jealous of her rich friend's desires, also wants to have a secret masked encounter but with Crixus. Enraged, Lucretia has other plans in mind for her friend. Ilithyia unknowingly has sex with Spartacus before Licinia and Lucretia arrive and discover her. In a rage, Ilithyia murders Licinia after it is revealed that both had intended to see Ilithyia succumb to scandal of allowing Spartacus to sleep with the wife of his enemy. Meanwhile, Varro's wife has gone missing, and Spartacus arranges for Mira to search for her. Also, the slighted Ashur apparently makes a deal with the enemy of Batiatus. 
10 10 "Party Favors" Chris Martin-Jones Brent Fletcher & Miranda Kwok 26 Mart 2010 (2010-03-26) SPS110 1,27[8]
Dominus Batiatus invites Spartacus to his quarters to play a board game called Latrunculi for which Lucretia asks as why he is playing with a slave at which he credits their rising social status to the man. Spartacus and Crixus are set up to fight in an exhibition match for Numerius' coming of age party, when he will don the toga virilis, but Crixus is intent on blood. Batiatus tries to gain favor from Numerious father, Magistrate Calavius, to allow him to gain further power by requesting a seat in the Roman Senate. However, the evil Ilithyia seduces Numerius to get Spartacus to fight so that he will fight against Varro hoping he will kill Spartacus, or vice versa. Deeply saddened, Spartacus is forced to kill Varro against his will. Stricken with grief, Spartacus smashes the objects in his cell until Mira comes to comfort him. Also, when Magistrate Calavius turns down Batiatus offer for a place in the Senate, he vows revenge. 
11 11 "Old Wounds" Glenn Standring Story by: Dan Filie & Patricia Wells
Teleplay by: Daniel Knauf
2 Nisan 2010 (2010-04-02) SPS111 1,13[8]
Spartacus wrestles with the death of Varro and admits to Varro's wife, Aurelia, that his best friend died by his hands. At the same time, a festering wound from the fight with Varro weakens Spartacus. While he recuperates with the help of the medicus and Mira, visions of Varro and Sura haunt his feverish dreams, urging him to "tend the wound". Meanwhile, Crixus reclaims some of his lost glory when he is forced to take to the arena again to defeat an unbeaten Pompeiian champion. Spartacus discovers that Batiatus was responsible for Sura's death. Elsewhere, Batiatus kidnaps Magistrate Calavius to confront him about his grudge and plot to murder him. After killing Calavius, Batiatus and Ashur both sucessfully set up Solonius for Calavius' murder. 
12 12 "Revelations" Michael Hurst Brent Fletcher 9 Nisan 2010 (2010-04-09) SPS112 1,29[8]
Lucretia and Batiatus anticipate the arrival of Glaber, the equally twisted and evil career-Army husband of Ilithyia and Spartacus' former commanding officer; Spartacus, after slaying Solonius in the arena, plans revenge against Batiatus as well as Glaber whom he blames for everything that has happened to him. Spartacus is warned by Mira that if he goes through with the murder of Batiatus, he is risking not only his life, but the life of all slaves due to the Roman laws. Spartacus stops himself from killing Batiatus on the spur of the moment when he discovers Varro's widow, Aurelia, now working at the ludus. When Glaber arrives, he orders Spartacus to fight against his soldiers as a demonstration of his skill. Meanwhile, the relationship between Crixus and Naevia is revealed to Lucretia, who is now pregnant and whose relationship with Crixus is made known by Batiatus. As a result, Naevia is sold, whle Crixus is flogged for his insolence, and Ashur moves out of the ludus having proved his loyalty to Batiatus. When Glaber refuses to sponser Batiatus as a nomination for magester, he and Lucretia reveal that Ilithyia was responsible for Licinia's murder and Glaber is forced to give into Batiatus demands. Also, the mystery behind Barca's death is finally revealed to Doctore after Naevia finally tells him that Batiatus murdered Barca due to Ashur's deception. 
13 13 "Kill Them All" Jesse Warn Steven S. DeKnight 16 Nisan 2010 (2010-04-16) SPS113 1,23[8]
In the season finale, in order to get his revenge and freedom, Spartacus enlists the help of Crixus and the rest of the gladiators to lead a revolt to defeat the house of Batiatus once and for all. The plotters intend the revolt to take place during a duel to the death between Crixus and Spartacus that has been arranged by Batiatus for most of the Capuan elite at the ludus. Doctore (who Batiatus refers to by his real name, Oenomaus) confronts Batiatus about Barca's death and Ashur's hand in it. Spartacus gains support from Mira who is tasked with opening the gate to the villa from the training area. Crixus resists aiding Spartacus in hopes of reuniting with the departed Naevia. However, after learning he was weakened with food poisoning to ensure Spartacus' victory, at the last moment he joins with Spartacus. Doctore initially stops Spartacus from killing Batiatus. In the ensuing chaos of the gladiators killing the guards and guests, Crixus finally persuades Doctore to join him with Spartacus. Illithyia manages to escape by having her bodyguards seal the outside door to the ludus so the rebelling gladiators will not chase after her, in effect leaving behind all her high society friends to their fates. Doctore, making good on his word, tries to kill Ashur in revenge for Barca's death, but Ashur escapes yet again. In retribution for selling Naevia, Crixus grievously wounds Lucretia with a sword stab to her abdomen piercing her womb and killing their unborn child. Aurelia kills Numerius after revealing to him that Varro was her husband. Spartacus finally kills Batiatus in front of the seriously wounded Lucretia whom is left for dead, laying in a pool of her own blood beside her dead husband and all of the other guests. After the massacre, Spartacus and his army of gladiators, escape from the ludus vowing to free Rome of slavery. 

Önbölüm: Arenanın İlahları (2011)[değiştir | kaynağı değiştir]

# Başlık Yönetmen Senarist Orijinal yayın tarihi ABD izleyicisi
1 "Past Transgressions" Jesse Warn Steven S. DeKnight 1,10[9] 21 Ocak 2011 (2011-01-21)
Opening a few years before the arrival of Spartacus, Batiatus finds himself in control of his father's ludus, while his father is away living in semi-retirement. Seeking to make a name for himself beyond the ludus, Batiatus selects his most skilled gladiator, Gannicus the Celt, to win favor of nobleman, Solonius, in order to be a part of the opening games in the new Capua arena. And thus, the story of the Celt warrior Gannicus, the original champion of the House of Batiatus begins. The origins of the Gaul, Crixus are also explored. Batiatus overpays for the Gaul slave, Crixus, seeing that the Gaul has potential to be a great gladiator. At the same time, Batiatus faces the local crime lord Tullius and his teenage hechman Vettius, the owner of a rival ludus, and learns that he isn't yet in their league. Meanwhile, Lucretia welcomes the sudden return to Capua of Gaia, an old friend. Gaia is something of a wild child widow who likes to party, have lots of sex (with both men and women), and takes opium. Lucretia seems ready to go along. The introdution of veteran gladiator Oenomaus and his slave wife Melitta, as well as Syrian slave recruits Ashur and Dagan also occur. 
2 "Missio" Rick Jacobson Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon 1,14[10] 28 Ocak 2011 (2011-01-28)
A week has passed since he received a severe beating at the hands of Tullius' men and Batiatus has now recovered sufficiently. Tullius sends him a message to the effect that he acted hastily by saying 'no' to his offer to purchase Gannicus, and offers a compromise. Batiatus is in no mood to compromise however and plans his own revenge. Batiatus succeeds in securing the position of primus for his man Gannicus in Vettius' upcoming games through an elaborate scheme: Quintillius Varis comes to Capua to select gladiators for his games and Gaia, who knows him, plots to have him come to Batiatus' house where Batiatus will seemingly go to any length to impress Varis but his blind enthusiasm does not sit well with the men. Meanwhile, Oenomaus is challenged by Doctore, killing him and receiving the Başlık of the new Doctore. Gannicus and Melitta are ordered to have sex with each other for Quintilius Varis' entertainment, leaving both of them deeply and emotionally troubled. 
3 "Paterfamilias" Michael Hurst Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing 1,26[11] 4 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-04)
Batiatus is pleased with himself having arranged for Gannicus to appear in the primus of Quintillius Varis' games. He is not however prepared for the sudden return of his estranged father, Titus, who arrives home to find his son cavorting in a threesome with Gaia and Lecretia. He treats his son with disdain and has heard of the mess he's made of things with Tullius. Titus laughs when he hears that Gannicus will represent the house in the games and sets out to undo everything the younger Batiatus schemed to arrange by placing the inexperienced Crixus in where Gannicus was to fight. Auctus, on the other hand, gets killed by Crixus in an intense battle. Meanwhile, things are run amuck when Oenomaus feels he does not deserve his new position as Doctore. While father and son are away, Varis returns to the Batiatus home with a friend, Cossutius, expecting to again experience the pleasures of his previous visit. 
4 "Beneath the Mask" Brendan Maher Seamus Kevin Fahey & Misha Green 1,11[12] 11 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-11)
The power struggle between the younger and the elder Batiatus shakes the roots of their house and sees alliances formed and loyalties divided. Batiatus is having more than just a bit of difficulty accepting his father's ongoing - and seemingly permanent - presence at home. The patriarch refuses to take on the powerful Tullius and continually tells his son to learn his place to respect and fear the crime lord. When Gaia sees someone she had once met in Rome, she introduces him to Lucretia and he immediately comments on what he has heard about the pleasures available at her home. Gaia again sees an opportunity to make gains for the House of Batiatus but the elder Batiatus would never allow such revelry in their so they convince him to leave for day or two. Lucretia sides with her husband albeit reluctantly in performing a risky plan while Gannicus finds himself on unstable ground. 
5 "Reckoning" John Fawcett Brent Fletcher 1,38[13] 18 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-18)
Gaia's death strengthens Quintus Batiatus' resolve to get revenge against Tullius. Titus announces a tournament to determine the worth of the men that make up his stable of gladiators. Crixus, dedicated to proving himself, is drawn into the power play within the house. In responding to his father's ultimatum that he choose between his home and his wife, Batiatus attempts to gain time is not appreciated by Lucretia who believes she would have him leave. He convinces her otherwise and she pushes him to settle on his course while she has her own plan. Lucretia also has her own solution to her husband's desire for a son. Meanwhile, Melitta and Gannicus increasingly lust after one another. Gannicus finds a solution to their situation but fate presents a different outcome. Titus is finally killed by poisoned wine given to him by Lucretia, but unfortunately so is Melitta. 
6 "The Bitter End" Rick Jacobson Steven S. DeKnight 1,72[14] 25 Şubat 2011 (2011-02-25)
Batiatus seeks vengeance against Tullius for all that has befallen him, including the death of his father. Gannicus pushes Batiatus to complete his sale to Tullius so that he may seek revenge for the House of Batiatus by killing Tullius himself, but Solonius counsels caution and a more sensible, if final, solution. Solonius protects his own position as well, however. the opening of the new Capua arena promises a spectacle of combat and blood. Meanwhile, Naevia replaces Melitta as the personal slave to Lucretia who promises her that no man will ever touch her as happened to Diona, who makes an unexpected return after her capture. After winning the final fight of the opening ceremony, Gannicus receives his freedom and departs the ludus, but not before entrusting its future to Crixus whom is declared the new champion of Capua. 

2. sezon: İntikam (2012)[değiştir | kaynağı değiştir]

# Başlık Yönetmen Senarist Orijinal yayın tarihi Ürün
ABD izleyicisi
14 1 "Fugitivus"
Michael Hurst Steven S. DeKnight 27 Ocak 2012 (2012-01-27) 1.39

Oyundan kaçıştan sonraki günlerde, Spartacus ve Crixus köle ile gladyatörleri yönetip onları eğitirler. Spartacus intikam kanısındaydı: Glaber'la karısını ve onlarla birlikte tanıdıkları herkesi öldürmek. Crixus ise kayıp aşkı Naevia'yı bulmakla motive oluyordu. Glaber, Roma ordusunun Praetor'u olmuştur ve kayınbabası tarafından Capua'ya geri dönmesi ve Spartacus'ü durdurması emredilmiştir. Ilithyia, gebe kalmış ve kocasıyla birlikte gitmeyi istememekle birlikte ona uymuştur. Spartacus Aurelia'yı (Varro'nın karısı) oğluna kavuşması için gönderirken, Glaber'la Ilithyia ise askerleriyle birlikte Capua'ya gelip ludusa yerleşirler. Fakat yarı deli olmasına ve biraz hatırlamasına karşın Lucretia'yı halen hayatta bulunca şaşırırlar. Oenomaus (Doctore), burning with his sense of lost honor, remains estranged from Spartacus and Crixus, but he warns them of the strength of Glaber and the Romans. In the town square, battle ensues between Spartacus and some Romans led by Glaber, who have captured and mortally wounded Aurelia; Crixus and others come to Spartacus' aid. Afterwards, dying, Aurelia makes Spartacus promise to stay away from her son. Spartacus agrees with Crixus that they should march south to look for Naevia, freeing all the slaves on their way.

Bölümün sonunda, Andy Whitfield'ın anısına armağan edilmiştir. 
15 2 "A Place in This World" Jesse Warn Brent Fletcher 3 Şubat 2012 (2012-02-03) 1.30
The plot thickens as Spartacus and his rebel band of Gladiators move south and take by deadly force an isolated villa owned by a wealthly Roman, who tells them that he owned Naevia for a short time before selling her to another villa owner further south. The newly freed slaves of the villa are afraid of the sudden freedom, especially a young male named Tiberius, who used to be in a high position among the slaves. Tiberius attempts to kill Spartacus during the night, but fails. Spartacus will not see young Tiberius killed as repayment for the attempt, but would train him. Later a slave named Chadra is having sex with a Gaul when Mira interrupts thinking the Gaul was raping her. But she says she chose to lay with him so he would protect her in battle and give her higher standing with the rebel group. Meanwhile in Capua, the recovering Lucretia receives messages from the Gods in a dream on how to defeat Spartacus. Glaber believes in her new status of Prophetess, if only from public approval. In the Capua marketplace, Lucretia receives a note from a mysterious stranger. In a flashback sequence, Oenomaus relives his purchase from the Pit by Titus Lentulus Batiatus in his youth, the discovery of honor and purpose of becoming a Champion. Oenomaus, in his search for death, faces many opponents in the Pits and after he is weakened from a fight, he is taken to the villa before Glaber by a mysterious stranger. The mysterious stranger is unmasked to reveal Ashur, former nefarious right-hand man of Quintus Batiatus, who is working in secret with Lucretia to some unknown ends. 
16 3 "The Greater Good" Brendan Maher Tracy Bellomo 10 Şubat 2012 (2012-02-10) 1.40
The episode opens with Spartacus and crew freeing another band of slaves destined for the dreaded Mines. A slaver with his dying breath tells Agron and Nasir that Naevia lives but is suffering in harsh servitude in the Mines. Agron, who believes an attempt to free Naevia would result in the death of all the Rebels, lies and tells Crixus Naevia is dead. In Capua, Ashur is set to the purpose of breaking Oenomaus' silence through torture which fails. Lucretia reveals to Ashur the betrayal of Oenomaus' wife Melitta, with his closest friend and brother Gannicus (events that occurred in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena). Oenomaus in his disbelief reveals the Rebels' purpose of going south in search of Naevia. Glaber, focused on holding his status, neglects his wife Ilithyia. Nasir can no longer bring himself to maintain Agron's lie and tells Crixus the truth. There is division between Spartacus and Agron, Agron takes his own group to make camp at Mt. Vesuvius. Spartacus, Crixus and the others that remain go to the mines. Disguising themselves as slaves and guards, they infiltrate the mines in search of Naevia. Glaber had dispatched his soldiers to the mines. Ashur goes with the Roman contingent, Ashur recognizes two of Spartacus' men posing as guards, the soldiers enter the mines in pursuit. Crixus is briefly reunited with Naevia, but they are overcome by soldiers. Crixus sacrifices himself for their escape and Ashur delivers the blow that causes Crixus to fall unconscious. 
17 4 "Empty Hands" Mark Beesley Allison Miller 17 Şubat 2012 (2012-02-17) 1.47[15]
Very few escape the rescue mission from the Mines alive. Spartacus will suffer to leave no one behind even if it means the death of them all. The Romans lead by Glaber's Tribune Marcus are in hot pursuit, assisted by Ashur. Crixus and two others are reunited with Oenomaus at the villa, where treachery abounds. Glaber must ease the insult he gave to Varinius a fellow Praetor, Ilithyia suggest a party in his honor. Young Seppia seeks advice from Lucretia on seeking her future husband and sets her sights on Varinius, much to Ilithyia's envy. Ilithyia, angered by the neglect of Glaber, forms a plan to have her marriage dissolved and Varinius as her new husband. Crixus and Oenomaus are spared from death and another suffers torture at the hands of the party goers. Spartacus' numbers dwindle in the forest as they are killed one by one by the pursuing Romans. By the final fight only Spartacus, Mira, Naevia and wounded Nasir are left alive. Spartacus wounds Marcus and Ashur takes Marcus further into the forest and finishes him off before Marcus can alert the remaining soldiers of their position. Ilithyia outshines young Seppia and brokers a deal with Varinius for marriage if Albinius (Ilithyia's father) dissolves her marriage. Ilithya seeks out her father among the party only to find him in bed with Lucretia. Ilithyia attacks Lucretia, but Lucretia reveals she did it only to heal past wrongs she had done to Ilithyia and help her seek her future as Varinius' wife. Spartacus and Mira now stand as one as they see a horde of strangers approach in the sun's early light, only to find it is Agron and the rest of the Rebels come to aid them. 
18 5 "Libertus" Rick Jacobson Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing 24 Şubat 2012 (2012-02-24) 1.56[16]
A plan is hatched and brothers are reunited upon the sands in this episode. Spartacus having met Lucius a Roman disillusioned with Rome because of the civil war Sulla waged years ago, gives shelter and information to the Rebels, mainly that the rumors that abound are that Spartacus and the Rebels are finished and all but slaughtered. Spartacus unwilling to forsake Crixus and send a message to the Romans, hatches a daring plan of rescue, where they will take the arena in Capua. Gannicus returns to Capua to give Oenomaus a honorable death in the arena, but unaware Oenomaus knows the truth of Gannicus' affair with Melitta. Lucretia dissuades Ilithyia from aborting her child, though Ilithyia must be rid of the pregnancy if she will marry Varinius. Lucretia through Ashur reveals the abortion attempt to Glaber. Ilithyia admits upon confrontation that their love and marriage is over. When the primus fight starts Oenomaus viciously attacks Gannicus and Mira is set to purpose of bringing down the arena by fire. When the arena collapses Spartacus and Agron attacks the remaining gladiators and guards and escape with Gannicus, Crixus and Oenomaus, but not before Spartacus throws a spear directly at Glaber and nicks his cheek. Glaber the last to leave the pulvenus comes upon Albinius (Ilithyia's father) trapped beneath a fallen beam, but he does not save his father-in-law, but repeatedly crushes his skull. Glaber finds Ilithyia and tells her her father was killed by Spartacus and that they will remain married. 
19 6 "Chosen Path" Michael Hurst Misha Green 2 Mart 2012 (2012-03-02) 1.19[17]
With the injured Oenomaus and Crixus rescued, the group returns to the fallen temple. Glaber tests Ashur, and through the passing this test Ashur's status and pride is elevated, filled with his own sense of self importance. Lucretia attempts to bring him to heel, but her efforts backfire as Ashur rapes Lucretia. Glaber still angry and feeling the sting of betrayal treats Ilithyia cruelly, in where she seeks comfort with Lucretia, and schemes to win back Glaber´s love. Glaber's attempts at joining forces with Seppius is rebuffed yet again, resulting in the young Seppia being invited to the villa instead. Gannicus meanwhile scoffs at Spartacus and the rebels, feeling that what they are fighting for is a cause. Naevia, being haunted by her ordeal, is unable to show her love physically to Crixus, while he is unable to forgive Agron for lying about Naevia's death. Spartacus attempts to enlist Gannicus to the cause, but Gannicus remains unconvinced. Lucius, the disillusioned Roman, seeks to aid in training the rebels who were once house slaves. Chadara would rather seek her place in the bed of another gladiator, but is rebuffed. Ashur is sent to recruit the most violent of former gladiators for Glaber's new plan. Oenomaus awakens and tells Gannicus that they were once brothers and the betrayal with Melitta is not easily forgotten or forgiven. Seppia after some coaxing from Ilithyia, Lucretia and Glaber agrees to speak with her brother. But to no avail, Glaber has already moved against Seppius with Ashur's new recruits, and slaughters Seppius' and every other living being in villa, Glaber takes his time delivering the final death blow to Seppius himself. The map on which Spartacus and Agron make their plans vanishes, along with the last bit of money the rebels have. Gannicus is accused, a fight ensues between the former champions of Batiatus, but comes to a draw as Mira drawing an arrow from her bow shoots down Chadara who was attempting to flee with map and missing coins in hand. Gannicus also takes his leave. 
20 7 "Sacramentum" Jesse Warn Seamus Kevin Fahey 9 Mart 2012 (2012-03-09) 1.25
This episode opens in the port city of Neapolis, where Spartacus, Agron, and Lucius pose as rich Romans interested in buying a new shipment of slaves, all of whom hail from the Germanic tribes of the north. The quest complicated itself when Agron speaks to the slaves in their mother tongue, and is overheard by a guard who also shares their tongue, but the operation succeeds nonetheless and the rebel army swells with Agron's distant kin. This alarms Crixus and Lucius given the possibility that these new recruits may not follow Spartacus' orders in favour of Agron. Meanwhile in Capua, Glaber enlists the former mercenary band that belonged to young Seppius, and the pledge the Sacramentum to Glaber and to Rome. After raping her again, Ashur believes Lucretia is beginning to have feelings for him, and he presents her with a red wig like she used to wear as a symbol of her belonging to him. Ganniucus, prompted by Ashur, goes to the villa for an audience with Glaber, where he offers Gannicus the chance to be a beacon of hope, the front man to his army. Glaber also returns Gannicus' rudis. Ilithyia, growing ever more desparate that Glaber will never forgive her, wishes she were dead. Lucretia however comes up with a plan for Ilithyia to break free of Glaber's hatred and vengeful attitude and go home to Rome. The plan involves Lucretia fooling Glaber into thinking Ilithyia needs to go to Rome, in order for the gods to bless their unborn child. After a failed attempt to bond with the new recruits on a hunting trip, which turns into highway robbery as the new recruits accost a wagon on the road, Spartacus, Crixus, and Lucius wonder whether Agron's loyalty lies with his kinsmen, or with Spartacus. A great feast turns into a bloody battle after Seddulus, the biggest of all the new recruits tries to rape Naevia, after which Naevia stabs him and calls for help. Agron decides this has gone too far and helps Crixus and Spartacus control the German. Spartacus, asserting his authority as leader, fights Seddulus and brutally kills him. After witnessing the gruesome scene, Agron's tribesmen swear allegiance to Spartacus. Lucretia and Gannicus meet in the market, where Ganncius mourns for his friend from the brothel who is now crucified for merely whispering about Spartacus fight for freedom for all. Lucretia tempts Gannicus with a plan to kill Glaber and end this conflict. Ilithyia is packed off to Rome, but not before Lucretia reveals the plan to her. Ilithyia kisses Glaber goodbye. No more than a few hours in her absence Glaber has sex with Seppia, when unfortunate news reaches him Ilithyia's wagon is viciously attacked on the road to Rome. All that is in the wagon is one of Ashur's henchmen with Gannicus' rudis sticking out of his neck. Glaber has his answer from Gannicus. 
21 8 "Balance" Chris Martin-Jones Jed Whedon 16 Mart 2012 (2012-03-16)
Gannicus leads Ilithyia to the rebel camp. Ilithyia pleading for her life and the life of her unborn child reveals to Spartacus that the child she carries is not Glaber's, but his own child. Conceived the night that Lucretia tricked her into laying with Spartacus. Ilithyia tries to convince Lucius to send word to Capua of her whereabouts, but Spartacus however enlists him in delievering message to Glaber. Mira also attempts to save Spartacus the burden of killing Ilithyia, but is stopped short by Spartacus. Glaber and Ashur scour the town for clues about where Gannicus has taken Ilithyia, laying waste to every brothel. Ashur collecting goods from every corspe. Lucretia tries to bring to bare with Seppia, but gets nowhere, turning to Ashur for help she also gets nowhere but Lucretia notices that among Ashur horde of jewels and gold is dead Seppius' gold twin snake armlet. About to confront Seppia with the news of Glaber's being responsible for her brother's death, they are interrupted by Lucius and his message from Spartacus. The message is in exchange for a wagons filled with arms and armor, the Rebels will release Ilithyia. After a heated exchange by hero and villian, treachery is revealed and the wagon is filled with Ashur and his mercenary band. Glabber returns absent Ilithyia, Lucretia finally reveals the depth of Glabber's vengeance and murderous deeds to Seppia. Spartacus releases Ilithyia in the woods. 
22 9 "Monsters" 23 Mart 2012 (2012-03-23)
23 10 "Wrath of the Gods" 30 Mart 2012 (2012-03-30)

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