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Vikipedi, özgür ansiklopedi
Senagalli bir marabut, 1890

Marabut (Arapça: مَربوطmarbūṭ veya Arapçaمُرابِط murābiṭ), Batı Afrika'da ve (tarihsel olarak) Mağrip'te Müslüman dini liderlere ve öğreticilere[1] verilen isimdir.

  1. ^ Roncoli, Carla Roncoli; Kirshen, Paul; Kirshen, Paul; Ingram, Keith (Haziran 2002). "Reading the Rains: Local Knowledge and Rainfall Forecasting in Burkina Faso". Society and Natural Resources. 15 (2). ss. 409-427. doi:10.1080/08941920252866774. Marabouts are Islamic spiritualists who are also believed to have the capacity to foresee but not control the future. These spiritualists range from conventional Islamic clerics (Limam) who are versed in the Koran and preside over services at local mosques, to local healers and diviners who mix Islam with indigenous beliefs and practices. Some marabouts practices resemble those of getba, with Islamic verses replacing cowries. Most marabouts receive gifts or money for their services, with the most respected and renowned marabouts drawing substantial income from their practice. However, these practices are generally disapproved by Islamic orthodoxy.