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Template for BS-table row comprising two symbols.

  • Parameter1: ID of 1st Image (leer or leave blank for no symbol)
  • Parameter2: mileage
  • Parameter3: Name
  • Parameter4: Note 1
  • Parameter5: Note 2 - right-aligned
    • designated parameter PX: Width of image ( e.g. PX=50px), default
    • designated parameter bg: Use color name or RGB code to "highlight", in order to emphasize certain sections
    • designated parameter tw: width of the text column. This is especially required for joining the icons cohesively when the text length in the "normal" BS row template text column isn't wide enough to override the BS row collapsible section(s).
    • designated parameter O1: ID of the Overlapping image on the 1st image (i.e. the only image)