James Francis Stephens

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James Francis Stephens (16 Eylül 1792 - 22 Aralık 1852), İngiliz entomolog. 1833 yılında sonradan Londra Kraliyet Entomoloji Derneği'nin (İngilizce: Royal Entomological Society of London) kurucularından birisi olmuştur.

Eserleri[değiştir | kaynağı değiştir]

  • General zoology, ya da Systematic natural history Londra (1800–1826)
  • Nomenclature of British Insects: Being a Compendious List of Such Species (1829).
  • A systematic Catalogue of British insects: being an attempt to arrange all the hitherto discovered indigenous insects in accordance with their natural affinities. Containing also the references to every English writer on entomology, and to the principal foreign authors. With all the published British genera to the present time(1829.)
  • Illustrations of British Entomology; or, a synopsis of indigenous insects, containing their generic and specific distinctions; with an account of their metamorphoses, times of appearance, localities, food, and economy, as far as practicable. In ten volumes. (1828–1846).