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IPA: [{{{1}}}]

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This template formats IPA transcriptions and links them to VP:IPA, a general IPA key. It is intended for languages without specific support, and for narrow transcriptions of languages that do. See below for specific templates.

The first cell in the template is for the transcription, and a second optional cell is a switch that controls the lede. With no second value, the lede IPA: appears:

  • {{IPA|başlık=IPA|-|a}}IPA [a]
  • {{IPA|başlık=IPA|-|a|pron}}IPA [a]
  • {{IPA|başlık=IPA|-|a|local}}IPA [a]
  • {{IPA|başlık=IPA|-|a|}}IPA [a]

Language names may be entered as well; in this case, the colon is required:

  • {{IPA|başlık=IPA|-|a|Dutch:}}IPA [a]

Any of these may be combined with a sound file in an optional third cell:

  • {{IPA|başlık=IPA|-|a|local|Nl-A.ogg}}IPA [a]

To keep the default lede, however, ‹IPA› must be entered in the second cell:

  • {{IPA|başlık=IPA|-|a|IPA|Nl-A.ogg}}IPA [a]

The similar template {{pronunciation}} has no lede switch: