Şablon:Dinamik liste

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Usage[kaynağı değiştir]

Place this template tag in an article, immediately before the applicable list.

Per its own definition, this template is not to be used in conjunction with {{expand list}} or any of its variations.

Templates[kaynağı değiştir]

The following templates are used for organising lists. Please use the most relevant template, and do not add more than one unless the subject falls significantly under two template topics.

  • {{Expand list}}, the generic template used to indicate an incomplete list
    • {{Inc-film}}, for incomplete film-related lists
    • {{Inc-lit}}, for incomplete literature-related lists
    • {{Inc-musong}}, for incomplete music-related lists
    • {{Inc-sport}}, for incomplete sports-related lists
      • {{Inc-results}}, for incomplete lists of sports results or fixtures
    • {{Inc-transport}}, for incomplete transportation-related lists
    • {{Inc-tv}}, for incomplete television-related lists
    • {{Inc-vg}}, for incomplete video-game-related lists
    • {{Inc-personnel}}, for an incomplete list of personnel in a musical group
  • {{Inc-up}}, for a list that is frequently updated
  • {{Dynamic list}}, for lists which may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completion
  • {{Complete}}, for lists that are complete as of a specified date

Other templates may be available under Category:List notification templates. Please update this documentation page if a new, relevant template has been created.

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