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11 Ekim 2019

Warnings[kaynağı değiştir]

*To prevent factual errors:

    • Do not use this template if there is any possibility the year will be in the range 1900 through 1969.
    • Do not use this template if there is any possibility the year will be in the range "0" through 99.
  • To prevent formatting errors:
    • Do not use for years before 1900.
    • Do not use for dates after 19 January 2038.

This template is most suited for formatting the time of events that occur within a computer that was placed in service after 1970 and which will be scrapped before 2038. For a discussion of possible extensions for a wider date range, which may or may not be implemented, see below.

Usage[kaynağı değiştir]

  • {{date|<some date>}} causes <some date> to be dynamically reformatted according to reformatting rules.*
  • When no <date> parameter is specified, it displays the current date, which changes to tomorrow's date when you view it tomorrow, and so on. Again, the date is subject to reformatting rules.*

This template cannot be substituted. To fix today's date use {{subst:today}}, which will emit {{date|2019-10-11}} and so wrap the date for further processing by {{date}}.

* Reformatting would ideally occur according to a user's date-style preferences, or using some sane and human-friendly default when a user is not-logged-in or when no date-style preference has been set. However, this functionality (not to be confused with wikilinking of dates) is disabled pending resolution of bug #4582. In the meanwhile, {{date}} will display dates in 'day month year' format (e.g. 11 Ekim 2019) for dates between 1970 and 2038. Dates between 1901 and 1969 will be displayed incorrectly (see bugzilla:11686). Dates outside these ranges should appear unadjusted.

Examples[kaynağı değiştir]

  • With no <date> parameter:
    • {{date}} appears as 11 Ekim 2019
  • <date>s with a year:
    • {{date|2001-09-15}} appears as 15 Eylül 2001
    • {{date|January 15, 2001}} appears as 15 Ocak 2001
    • {{date|15 January 2001}} appears 15 Ocak 2001
    • {{date|Jan 15, 2001}} appears as 15 Ocak 2001
    • {{date|15 Jan 2001}} appears 15 Ocak 2001
    • {{date|15 Jan 1960}} appears 15 Ocak 1960 (date before 1970 wrongly shown)
    • {{date|1750 Mar 17}} appears 1760 Mar 17 (date before 1901 shown as input text)
  • <date>s without a year:
    • {{date|January 15}} appears as 15 Ocak
    • {{date|15 January}} appears as 15 Ocak
    • {{date|Jan 15}} appears as 15 Ocak
    • {{date|15 Jan}} appears as 15 Ocak

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