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Hi Cenk Çetin, please can you rename [[EPTV (televizyon şebekesi)]] to [[Télévision Algérienne]]? Because i did not know how the names are changed in this version of Wikipedia, and i want to add a Freebase ID to this page in Wiki Data ([https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q3046059]), but I did not know how. Please can you help me?. thank you in advence and i'm so sorry because i write you in English because I do not speak turkish very well. The languages ​​I speak are Arabic, French and English. --[[Kullanıcı:Boumediene15|Boumediene15]] ([[Kullanıcı mesaj:Boumediene15|mesaj]]) 22:57, 2 Mayıs 2017 (UTC)
*{{yapıldı}} Original name is suitable. [[Télévision Algérienne]] --[[Kullanıcı:Cenk Çetin|Cenk]] ([[Kullanıcı mesaj:Cenk Çetin|mesaj]]) 12:34, 3 Mayıs 2017 (UTC)