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== Türkiye üniversiteleri ve pedagoji bilimi ==
About {{Wikipedia}}
[[File: Www.wikipedia.org screenshot.png | thumb | 300px | Wikipedia.org home page screen shot]]
the free encyclopedia that everyone can contribute <big>'''' 'Wikipedia''''' welcome. </ big>
Wikipedia project, in 2003 the Turkish branch of life. [[Wikipedia: Date | Since its inception]], the Internet is moving towards becoming the largest source site. From Wikipedia, the content from all corners of the world with human volunteers prepared jointly by the open source, free, non-profit free encyclopedia. This site is [[wiki]] uses the technology, ie, any person with a computer connected to the Internet over the world,-a very small number of non-protected page on all pages insertion, extraction, can edit. The only thing that needs to be done at the top of the page'''' '"Change"''''' button is pressed. This button allows you to add pages, or page change.
Turkish Wikipedia, together with any other language Vikipedilerle, non-profit [[Wikimedia Foundation]] 's is a registered trademark. Wikipedia sister projects of the Foundation are also available. Wikipedia and its sister projects, the [[Wikipedia: Be bold | bold and]] pages is encouraged and required to contribute. You can also share your knowledge in this co-working environment.
Each article in the [[Help: Link | links]] will redirect you to other relevant materials, and any additional information. Wikipedia can be considered to be a standard text editing rules, subject to add information, reference grant would be welcome to add citations. Bozacağınızdan Wikipedia page by mistake when adding or improving information, have no fear, because the other [[Wikipedians]] s if necessary, make recommendations to you immediately rectify obvious errors. In addition, the Wikipedia Encyclopedia Software "MediaWiki", the editor of errors from carefully designed to be easily retrieved.
From Wikipedia, mainly because it is a site that anyone can contribute to the ever-expanding in nature significantly separated from the printed reference sources. Although it is more understandable and stable materials, especially old ones are missing, incorrect, non-encyclopedic knowledge of the person yargılarıyla may have been created or contributed to. Users can access the right information and incorrect information should consider it to be aware of. On the other hand, Wikipedia is dynamic and constantly up to date. Preparation and updating of the contents is just a few minutes or hours. All this preparation and update operations, as well as the printed encyclopedias months or even years will not last.
If you have not yet, you take a few minutes [[Wikipedia: What Wikipedia is not | What is Wikipedia, what is not]] <! - And [[Wikipedia: Wikipedia and research | research with Wikipedia]] 't -> page that invite you to read . Thus, you can help Wikipedia or you can learn how to use. Below you will find detailed information about the main issues.
Good work!
{{See also | Wikipedia: Welcome}}
:'' You can obtain more comprehensive information on Wikipedia'' '[[Wikipedia]]''' agent.
:'' Help pages, and communication paths, related to'' '[[Help: Contents | Contents]]''' page.''
:'' Site for announcements about the'' '[[Wikipedia: News | news]]''' page.
Wikipedias content is available to everyone free == ==
{{Main | Wikipedia: Copyright}}
[[Wikipedia]] contribution to the user's request, the [[GNU Free Documentation License | GNU Free Documentation License]] is given below. With this method, an information using copyright laws to be controlled by a single person can be prevented, so that this information can be reached for free forever.
All information search videos by anyone in a free manner under the same copyright agreement can be copied, re-arranged according to the purpose, used and distributed as required. But the new versions of Wikipedia ensure these freedoms granted by the author and the source of that information from the internet connection with the information provided. For complete information, [[Wikipedia: Copyright]] to the [[Wikipedia: GNU Free Documentation License | GNU Free Documentation License]] page, you can browse.
Wikipedia efficient ways to use == ==
Table of Contents === ===
Many people find on this site, is to share with others what they know. Even now replaced by dozens article page users, are being developed. Recent changes in the [[: Private: RecentChanges | Recent changes]] page, you can browse. [[: Private: Newpages | New added substances]] is also recorded. Many different types of [[Wikipedia: Who writes Wikipedia? | Wikipedia contribute]].
Wikipedia also many ongoing [[Wikipedia: VikiProje | project]] contains. Each participant hope to others to convey useful and accurate information helps to coordinate these efforts and projects. Many substances in the first place [[Wikipedia: Draft Article | draft]] starts, but increased participation'' '[[Wikipedia: Featured Article is? | Featured Article]]''' may come into place on the main page.
Can not find the information you are looking for [[Wikipedia: Questions | Questions]] page, the page that you need to reach, you may want to volunteer to give you the answer. If you are sure that there is no Wikipedia article on a topic you are looking for [[Wikipedia: Article Requests | Requests]] page, talk about the subject you want to open, or you can investigate for yourself this item.
Also according to your request [[Special: Random | random page]] Larda you can visit.
Wikipedia are also available in other languages. Wikipedia has more than 200 languages ​​(Photograph [[Wikipedia: Other languages ​​| other languages]]) version is available. Wikipedia is one of the relevant projects [http://tr.wiktionary.org/wiki/ dictionary], [http://tr.wikiquote.org/wiki/ citations], [http://tr.wikibooks.org/wiki / books], [http://tr.wikisource.org/wiki/ scientific reference sources] and a [http://tr.wikinews.org/wiki/ news service] is also included. All of these communities are composed of separate and often contain information bulunmayacak other sources.
Pathfinding of Information === ===
Wikipedia has internal links between pages. If the [[Wikipedia | this]] which means that if you see a link to another site, and there is nothing to do with the subject matter you are reading indicates that you can find more detailed information. If you hold your mouse cursor over the link, you can see where to direct you to the link. More information is a click away.
Most of the other links can be found at the end of the page. These links are Wikipedia or the web pages relevant to the subject, reference documents, and [[Wikipedia: Category | Wikipedia categories]] from the may occur. Browse through the links you can access more information.
Dictionary meanings of some pages, audio-book readings, quotations or links to the same topic can be found in the narrative of another language. If necessary, or if it is missing, you can add the appropriate links on a page. This is a way of contributing to Wikipedia.
The use of research as a tool for === ===
A [[wiki]], the agents never completed, is not finished. Substances changed continuously over time is improved. This usually improve the quality of the material as well as a fair and balanced presentation of information will lead to the formation of a consensus on.
Encyclopedic nature of all substances whether users must realize that from the very beginning. In fact, the first written many article contains subjective information, a neutral substance into a long discussion process step by step. In some others, depending on the degree of fanaticism, which some authors because of the ideas of this process can be extended further.
In part, this is due to Wikipedia, the internal problem-solving mechanism, any time a conflict of interest in the problem is when the more experienced editors.
"Ideal" Wikipedia article listed in a balanced, unbiased encyclopedic and verified the contents of one. Increasing the number of agents in time to reach this ideal situation, even the most reached. However, the contribution of these substances in a process and users can take months or even years to reach the ideal state. Some substances are completely alıntılanmamış content. If some of the content will be expanded in the future. Misconception that contain information, improve your next contribution to, or delete this information, or interpreted.
Despite kalitelileşmesine content every day, if you use Wikipedia as a source of research is very important to use caution. Because a wide variety of natural materials may be standard or at maturity. [[Wikipedia: Vikipedi'yle research | here]] users and researchers in an article on how to do more effective research and [[wikipedia: reliability of Wikipedia | here]] or look at comments from third parties about the reliability of Wikipedia.
The strong and weak aspects of the quality of the item === ===
Wikipedia, strong, weak, and has different aspects. Because Wikipedia is open to everyone, funded by a wide audience and the media is an encyclopedia written by consensus according to editorial guidelines and principles.
* By Wikipedia contributes to a wide audience -'' 'as a result,''' Wikipedia, the prevention of bias is less sensitive (no censorship of a group it is very difficult), the new information is very clear, easy suffers from vandalism and information have not been checked to be deleted at the end of easier deleted.
* Wikipedia are written by consensus -'' 'as a result,'' the majority of substances fairly stated in all material aspects and emotional intensity, even on the issues of neutrality is achieved. Consensus takes more time than simply writing the draft, depending on the degree of fanaticism, and sometimes some of the ideas of the authors, this process is extended ('' 'At the same time,''' search videos substances compared to other reference sources, all parties can negotiate a "neutral approach" to access more changes in the process parameters.).
Strengths: ('' [[Wikipedia: Wikipedia is why it is so good | Why is it so good Wikipedia]]'')
* Many languages ​​have many active writer and editor. As a result, in many aspects from other sources are more and more easily accessible information.
* Some of the major events in the realization of a substance be described in a few hours or days later, on Wikipedia.
* From Wikipedia, the encyclopedia telling the story of popular culture is one of the rare sources.
* Many in the religious and cultural biases in press as Wikipedia reduced.
* Compared to many web-based resources, thanks to the open structure of Wikipedia, the on-site materials that contain false or misleading information is much greater than the possibility of correction.
* There is no a board that implements censorship on Wikipedia substances entered in other words, by the censorship of a particular group, reported the official restriction is placed sources, lack of respect for a particular point of view (not a formal or informal) is very difficult and impossible for the success of these actions .
Unlike many web sources added information * Wikipedia irretrievably deleted.
Weaknesses: ('' [[Wikipedia: Why Wikipedia is not so great | Wikipedia is not much of a good cause]]'')
* Wikipedia is a radical public of any material means that at any time be a bad condition. For example, in the middle of the text of article vandalism or substance may be controversial statements.
* Wikipedia has a full editorial dispute resolution mechanism. So there is no higher court, which solves disputes. As a result of disputes over substance dissolved substance can take a very long time to become impartial and of high quality.
* The obvious vandalism attempts are detected and corrected easily, despite the lack of an inconspicuous point of vandalism or containing materials is very high.
* [[Wikipedia: Wikipedia should be in each industry | Very important ingredients]] in the accuracy of any systematic control mechanism, may contain defects or deficiencies.
* Favorites to appear less than controlled substances, substances may be incomplete in some respects. Although there are well-reflected in an article, for example a point of view on other aspects relating to the, or may have been overlooked.
* Some of the additives fully concur with our policies, or alıntılanmamış (the original) may contain information.
The quality of information ('' [[wikipedia: Reliability of Wikipedia | Security of Information]], [[Wikipedia: Vikipedi'yle research | research on Wikipedia]]'')
: Wikipedia is usually a good standard after editing access to the materials of the new and / or more likely to include unchecked items vandalism or incorrect information. However, the important difference evolves matter whether false information corrected.
: Reviews, errors or omissions in both small and large comprises similar encyclopedia Wikipedia, along with [[Encyclopædia Britannica]] shows up to be safe. [[Wikipedia: Wikipedia as an academic source | Wikipedia information received can be used in academic environments]] steadily increased, supported the idea (a good starting point to begin the study) and the material has proven to be quite perfect. Although it was some of the issues false information or significant omissions distress of vandalism can be corrected as soon as possible. However, this is not always. (For example, the assassination of Kennedy and Soviet Russia was a famous journalist, who claims to be affiliated with a fake biography could not be noticed for 4 months.) Here comes down to: Wikipedia can be used as a valuable resource and a good reference point, but do not have more information on the topics to rely on is advisable to check the substances concerned (in fact, the other online information sources is necessary).
[[Technology]] on writing a [[BBC]] author [[2005]], perhaps in an article written in this debate in the media, including search engines and sources of information in the face of all the new [[learning culture]] of the are thought to be a sign of this new culture of learning in the "information resources in a way to a better assessment" is called. <ref> [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4534712.stm What is it with Wikipedia?] 16 December 2005. </ ref>
Wikipedia and printed encyclopedias === What is the difference? ===
:'' Main article: [[m: Wiki is not paper | Wikipedia is not a printed source]]
To provide information about the topic you're curious about Wikipedia is the fastest because of its more advantageous according to published sources.
Warnings === ===
Some sources can search videos [[Wikipedia: General disclaimer | Disclaimer]] portion of the claim that citing Wikipedia is not safe. However, they think that it is safe [[Encyclopædia Britannica]], [[Associated Press]] and [[Oxford İngilizce Dictionary]] or similar sources, such as Denial of Responsibility departments. This segment [[: en: Wikipedia: Non-Wikipedia disclaimers | here]] search videos by accessing the'' Disclaimer'' 'section of the compare.
== How you can help? ==
:'' Main articles: [[Wikipedia: Wikipedia make a contribution | contribute to Wikipedia]], [[Wikipedia: First steps | First Steps]], [[Wikipedia: Bootcamp | Boot camp]]''
Any person can contribute to the Wikipedia article by clicking on'' Change''. However, before you start to contribute to the [[Wikipedia: Tutorial | Tutorial]], [[Wikipedia: Policies and Guidelines | Principles and guidelines]] and [[Wikipedia: Welcome, newcomers | Welcome]] pages are advised to read.
Contributing to Wikipedia [[Wikipedia: Courtesy | polite]] and [[Wikipedia: Neutral point of view | neutral]] be, to show respect for all viewpoints, [[Wikipedia: the avoidance of the original research | personal views and thoughts]] instead [[Wikipedia: verifiability | verifiable]], and are expected to include factual information. In addition, before starting to contribute to the "[[Wikipedia: Five basic stone | Five Key Stone]]" page is important to read and accept our policy here.
Who are the authors of Wikipedia ===? ===
Vikipedistlerdir authors of Wikipedia. Wikipedians who may be interested, or they may join together with e-mail addresses. Wikipedians necessary information, in accordance with the rules writers. Can be removed or replaced by other Wikipedians articles violation of the rules. Wikipedians do not comply with the rules on the issue warned.
How is literacy === ===
:'' Main article: [[Help: Tutorial | How to edit a page]] (Wikipedia edit the information that may be necessary)''
From Wikipedia, the editors added to the material rather than page design, which concentrate on a simple but powerful [[Help: Tutorial | page layout language]] uses. This language editors, automatically create sections and sub-sections, the automatic connection and creating a link, you can easily insert pictures and tables, indented and listed in addition to the possibility of using text and mathematical formulas, formatting elements of the classical language, alphabet and many of the world allows you to use all the letters and symbols . All of these features easily and without the need for any training, can be used by intuition.
Changes can be undone very easily search videos. This, added to the quality of information or vandals can be resumed attacks easily by any editor or other appropriate means of setting a standard, so inexperienced editors will prevent damage to Wikipedia articles they inadvertently erroneous changes. Wikipedia editors who want to write high-quality material to be much more than the other editors, quality information are corrected quickly entered into the matter.
What is the content values ​​=== ===
Wikipedia content, real, substantial, verifiable and objective external links are becoming targets.
Principles and guidelines are relevant to this topic at the following URL:
# [[Wikipedia: Wikipedia is not?]] Wikipedias tells you what it is and what it is not.
# [[Wikipedia: Neutral point of view]] impartiality of the basic principles of Wikipedia.
# [[Wikipedia: the avoidance of the original research]] Which of what information is available is invalid.
# [[Wikipedia: verifiability]] is considered as a resource and a source of verifiable's how verifiable
# [[Wikipedia: Resource show]] alıntılanabilecek resources, and how it should be done.
Abbreviations of these substances can be found in the following way [[Wikipedia: Wikipedia is not? | VP: VND]], [[VP: TBA]], [[VP: ÖAYV]], [[VP: D]] and [[VP: KG]].
Settlement of Disputes and How to prevent misuse === ===
:'' Main articles: [[Wikipedia: Vandalism]], [[Wikipedia: Dispute removal]], [[Wikipedia: Consensus]], [[Wikipedia: Puppet | Puppet]]''
Wikipedia, tried and trusted in the mechanism of prevention of abuse, and many have already been used.
* Streetlight'' vandalism'' [[Wikipedia: Vandalism | notified]] can be corrected by any person.
* Editors behavior between the literary approach or the accuracy of content on origin of matter can not be solved'' Disputes'' [[Wikipedia: Talk page | talk page]], [[Wikipedia: Request for comments | other editors to join the discussion by providing]] or [[Wikipedia : Dispute removal | dispute resolution mechanism]] is resolved by using the.
* Puppet creation, driven initiatives aimed at creating a discussion, improper reversal of consensus-building mechanisms for the studies or for other initiatives, such as Wikipedia, the user account'' abuse'', is observed [[Wikipedia: dummy | dummy directive]] shall be applied.
In addition, the'' new users'' (Until prove themselves to make contributions to) some unofficial [[Wikipedia: Discuss, do not vote | polls]] is given less weight by editors may use some of the submitted votes. The purpose of this [[Wikipedia: Single purpose account | single-purpose account creation]] to prevent.
General information == ==
Date === ===
Wikipedia, which is no longer broadcast ended his life [[Nupedia]] 's subsidiary, was established in order to create encyclopedia. Nupedia, a detailed [[equivalent to preview]] had a system, and could be performed only high-quality contributions, but it was very slow writing materials. [[2000]] in [[Jimmy Wales]] (Nupedia'nın founder) and [[Larry Sanger]] (Wales, the person hired to work in the project) Nupedia'yı improvements in various directions in order to make a more open and free regard to debates.
Sanger, [[January 2]] [[2001]] the evening of the [[San Diego, California | San Diego]], also after dinner, a [[computer programmer]] with [[WikiWikiWeb: BenKovitz | Ben Kovitz]] and chat family. [[Ward Cunningham | Ward]] 's wiki ([[WikiWikiWeb]]), a regular customer, Kovitz, Sanger'a [[wiki]] talked about the concept. Sanger, wiki format, more open, less formal realized that it was very suitable for an encyclopedia project. Sanger, Nupedia wiki concept more easily for Wales who are already able to convince Wikipedia to establish and Nupedia'nın the first wiki [[January 10]] 'ta was the Internet.
Nupedia'nın editors and critics did not want to look like a site that is a serious part of the Nupedia'nın wiki format, but this resistance is broken, [[January 15]] 'ta new project "Wikipedia" was the name and address of your own domain name wikipedia.com received ( In the meantime, for some users, humorous Wikipedia "[[Wikipedia Day]]" name was adopted). [[Band width]] and [[Server (computing) | server]] (located in San Diego) is fixed by the needs of Wales. Other employees and employees who left work Bomis'in a founding member and current CEO of the [[Tim Shell]], and programmer Jason Richey is also available.
[[May 2001]], the first non-English Wikipedias started broadcasting ([[Catalan]], [[Chinese]], [[Dutch]], [[German]], [[Esperanto]], [[French ]] [[Hebrew]], [[Italian]], [[in Japanese]], [[Portuguese]], [[in Russian]], [[Spanish]] and [[Swedish]] Soon after, this list [[Arabic]] and [[Hungarian]] joined the [http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Announcements_May_2001]). In September, [http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Announcements_September_2001] Wikipedia was the promise of more language support. At the end of the year to register the first international statistics begun, [[Afrikaans]], [[Norwegian]], [[Serbian]] and [[Croatian]] began to be published in versions released.
Statistics === ===
:'' Main articles: [[Wikipedia: Statistics]], [[Wikipedia: Size of Wikipedia | Wikipedia size]]''
[Http://en.wikipedia.org/wikistats/EN/Sitemap.htm more than 100 languages], [http://en.wikipedia.org/wikistats/EN/TablesArticlesTotal.htm 3.8 million item] running on [http://en.wikipedia.org/wikistats/EN/TablesWikipediansEditsGt5.htm 48 000 active authors] are. As of today, [[Turkish]] article on Wikipedia}} {{NUMBEROFARTICLES are; Wikipedia every day, all over the world to increase its knowledge [http://www.wikipedia.org/wikistats/EN/TablesUsageVisits.htm hundreds of thousands ] to make changes to tens of thousands of visitors, thousands of new matter starts. Time visitors need not any special qualifications to contribute to people of all ages and [[Wikipedia: Who writes Wikipedia? | Wikipedia Article writing]] helps.
Full text search videos, pictures and other content from a large part of the [[GNU Free Documentation License]] (Goblin) and licensed. Goblin license, freely distributed content garantilemesine reproducibility, although they remain the property of the contributions of contributors. (For more information, see: [[Wikipedia: Copyrights | copyright notice]] and [[Wikipedia: General disclaimer | disclaimer]].)
Those behind the curtain === ===
From Wikipedia, the whole [[Wikimedia]] used in projects [[open source]] is an optional program in the [[MediaWiki]] software.
Equipped for hosting a variety of projects around the world, many hosting center consists of approximately 100 from the server. Information about servers [[m: Wikimedia_servers | here]] access.
Wikipedia Social === ===
[[: Category: Wikipedia Community]], [[: Category: Wikipedians | Wikipedians]] themselves and their views on the project contains. Where [[: Category: Wikipedia humor | humor]], [[: Category: Wikipedia essays about | Trials]], [[: Category: Wikipedia awards | awards]], and much more.
Feedback and questions == ==
Wikipedia is already itself (for creating encyclopedia) is a community project. Feedback about content (opinions), the item should be on the talk page. Also, if you think you can do if you have the necessary skillset [[Wikipedia: Be bold | bold]] pages to add information and correct the incorrect information would be welcome.
Frequently Asked Questions === (S.S.S.) ===
:'' Main article: [[Wikipedia: Frequently Asked Questions]]''
:'' Updated directory: [[: Category: Wikipedia FAQ | All FAQ is a list of pages]]''
Give feedback === ===
In Wikipedia, to ask questions, give feedback, suggestions, and comments can also be used to make a tension and dispute resolution mechanisms are possible:
* [[Wikipedia: Talk page | Talk pages]] - to discuss the contents of the policy is usually the first use of a substance or method'' talk'' button to click on the relevant matter.
* [[Wikipedia: Vandalism]] - vandalism report (report vandalism as you can get yourself back to the attack).
* [[Wikipedia: Dispute removal | elimination of disputes]] - article talk page for unresolved disputes.
* [[Wikipedia: Village pump | Village fountain]] - Wiki discussion section, [[Wikipedia: Community Portal | Community Portal]] is a part of.
See also:
* [Http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org Fault Monitor], or Wikipedia Wikipedia is running [[MediaWiki]] software to let you know about the problem
* [[Wikipedia: Village pump (requests) | Village fountain: requests page]] for requests other than policies
* [[Wikipedia: Reference desk]] - If you question the other pages (nu) CRT TV can not resolve the general help desk Wikipedia
Article requests and wise === ===
Users can provide the spelling of a particular topic or a subject explored pages can receive information on:
* [[Wikipedia: Article Requests]] - article to be written in the future to request an item page.
* [[Wikipedia: Wise]] - ask questions on any topic page.
Although you can use freely in these pages, the nature of Wikipedia, Wikipedia search for anything you wanna find out first if you can not find the searched are encouraged to include. Thus, other users can benefit both you and your inquiry.
Community discussions === ===
The content of the discussion about the behavior of a substance or editor (news, announcements, [[Wikipedia: Village pump (regulation) | regulations related]], technical issues, and other specialized [[Wikipedia: Reference desk | Concierge desk]], [[Wikipedia: Wise]] on pages, such as discussions) for the [[Wikipedia: Village pump | Village fountain]] use.
For other general discussions of Wikipedia [[Wikipedia: Community portal | community portal]] use.
Wikipedians achieve === ===
If you need more information, you can go first in the [[Help: Contents]], respectively. Wikipedians on Vikipedistlerle to establish a connection to the message ([[Wikipedia: Talk page | talk page]] replaces) leave a message. (Principles and standards for questions about the project online in the [[Wikipedia: Village pump | village fountain]].) Vikipedistlerle to communicate with other yollarıysa [[Wikipedia: Mailing Lists | Wikipedia e-mail lists]], [[Wikipedia: IRC channel | IRC]] and [[Wikipedia: Wikipedians Instant Messaging | Instant Messaging]].
1980'li yıllarda, Türkiye üniversitelerinde "Pedagoji" bölümleri kaldırıldıktan sonra Psikolojik Danışmanlık ve Rehberlik Bölümü mezunları pedagog olarak atanmaktadır. Çocuk Psikolojisi alanında yeterli bir pedagog olmak için eğitimlere devam etmek, bu alanın etik kuralları doğrultusunda çalışmak gerekmektedir.
It also serves the purpose of coordinating the various Wikipedia projects, principles, and guidelines are discussed, and noted the error and requests that appeal to more advanced users [[m: |'' 'meta'''-Wikipedia]] are site.
Notes == ==
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== Pedagogların hizmet alanları ==