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Turkish Wikipedia Survey[değiştir | kaynağı değiştir]

Dear İncelemeelemani,

Merhaba ve Selamlar. I am a dedicated Hindi Wikipedian and a regular contributor to many other projects of Wikimedia. In addition to this, I also study other language Wikipedians and their contributions. In this connection, I have authored the following blogs studying different projects of Wikimedia Foundation :

  1. Wikipedia for Schools Project (posted on Wikimedia Foundation blog)
  2. Samskrita Bharati and Sanskrit Wikipedia: The journey ahead (posted on Wikimedia Foundation blog)
  3. A Focused Approach for Maithili Wikipedia (posted on Wikimedia Foundation blog)
  4. Two Shades of Wikipedia in Punjabi (posted on Wikimedia Foundation blog)
  5. A Survey of Esperanto Wikipedians (posted on Wikimedia Foundation blog)
  6. Wikimedia Projects in Urdu: Unleashing the Latent Potential (posted on Wikimedia Foundation blog)
  7. Hindi Wikipedia - An Encyclopedia Bridging New Bonds of Friendship Across Borders

I have seen the fact that you have Turkish Wikipedia significantly. I will be glad if you could share your editing experience and observations by answering to the following questions, either here itself, or email me, if you have specified your own email address in the preferences of your Turkish Wikipedia account or post me a message (privately or on my wall) on Facebook with the responses to the questionnaire:

1. How did you reach Turkish Wikipedia?

2. Why did you decide you must contribute to Turkish wikipedia?

3. What is the primary difference you find in the editing cultures on Turkish and any other Wikipedia that you are aware of

4. How do you find fellow editors? Are there conflicts?

5. Indian Wikipedians joined hands for various editathons such as http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Lilavati's_Daughters_Edit-a-thon. Has there been such other special editathons on Turkish Wikipedia?

6. Where are most of the Turkish Wikipedians located (the specific part of Turkey / TRNC / Bulgaria, etc)?

7. Have you attended or organized Turkish Wikipedia community meet-ups?

8. Are there any institutions that are either promoting or likely to promote Turkish Wikipedia?

9. What has been your experience in adding content on specific topics?

10. Can discuss any special experience which took most of your effort but resulted in immense happiness?

11. Can you share any experience of collaboration with a fellow Turkish Wikipedian?

12. How are the technical challenges/issues been for your language?

13. Now is it easy for a new user to start contributing on wikipedia easily?

14. How about interface translation (system messages) and other things?

15. Are there any non-native contributors (e.g. Arabs/ Kurds/ Armenians / Americans) on Turkish Wikipedia?

16. In addition to Turkish Wikipedia, do you plan to contribute to any other language Wikipedia?

17. What is your view about the stub class articles on Turkish Wikipedia?

18. Does Turkish Wikipedia in general adhere to the Neutral Point of View (NPOV) rule? Have you contributed to other Wikimedia projects such as Turkish Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiquote and Wikisource? If so, what has been your experience?

19. Could you share any and all ideas - small or big, successful & not-so-successful - that you think can help drive Turkish and other language projects?

20. Could you give us a personal introduction of yourself (with username)? Also, can you provide the link of any notewothy article you’ve written as well as any user image you’ve uploaded on Wikimedia Commons? Teşekkür ederim. --Hindustanilanguage (mesaj) 18:43, 13 Eylül 2014 (UTC)